FitBit Works Pretty Well But Really Waiting for the Basis B1

My dad had asked for a Jawbone Up for Father’s Day.  I had been going back and forth on which tracker to buy between the Jawbone Up, the Fitbit Flex and the Basis B1.  Since the B1 is still out of stock and my dad got the Up, I figured I’d dive in and try the Flex.  I was curious how accurate it would be at tracking steps/distances and calories.  By far the thing I was most looking forward to was giving indication of how well I was sleeping.  While overall I’m finding the data, and the corresponding Fitbit website, useful and interesting it isn’t all that I’m looking for in a personal tracker.

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Who wants to live to be 100? Me!

In my news feed yesterday was this editorial piece by Ann Brenoff titled Who Wants To Be 100 Anyway? The irony of the question juxtaposed with my blog’s mantra, “Biohacking internet blogger trying to figure out secret to healthy life into his 100’s” wasn’t lost on me.  Sure, it’s a rhetorical question, which she answered in the negative.  I can see why she would say that from her point of view, and she’s entitled to her opinion.  I just vehemently disagree with her.

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Cruising To The End Via Mediterranean

Today was the last day of the week of diet experiments.  As planned I finished up the week with a nice, easy Mediterranean diet.  By far the most liberal of the diets I have planned is the Mediterranean diet.  Having part of my ethnic heritage hailing from that part of the world also makes this diet very easy for me.  Almost any of the traditional foods I’d eat, with some tweaking for whole grain over traditional versions of some foods, fit the mold.  As a lover of wine, the prescription of 1-2 glasses a night, assuming that works for you, is also a nice plus up.  While I enjoyed the food, over-eating on this diet seems easier than on other diets.

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Pescatarian Experiment Day Left Me Hungry :(

To recap, today approximates what would be the pescatarian diet option.  That’s all of the lacto-ovo vegetarian option with fish added into the mix.  That’s a pretty liberal diet with just the meat and poultry missing.  I would have thought that as the diets get closer to my regular diet, which is sadly too close to my SAD diet, that it would get easier.  Unfortunately I was wrong.  It wasn’t that following the diet was hard, it’s just that I was pretty damn hungry by afternoon!

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Vegan Day Experiment Went Great!

Day 1 of the experiment is over and I can’t say that I’m glad that the first day is completed.  This isn’t my first hand eating a vegan diet.  For several months a few years ago I used to do a “Vegan Tuesday” with some other people.  I generally stuck to health bars, big salads and soups.  This was different however.  This was me trying to emulate how I was going to eat vegan for every day for a three month period of time.  That made it more challenging and daunting in many ways.  The end result however was a quite enjoyable food experience, and one that I can see going on for some time.

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Raise the Roof Sweet Potato Lasagna (Vegan)

Another Engine 2 Diet recipe I’ve been dying to try since I first picked the book up years ago is the Raise The Roof Sweet Potato Lasagna. The idea of having a vegan lasagna sort of broke my mind. I’ve had vegetable lasagna, but that still had tons of cheesy goodness, and often used a meat-based sauce as well. My favorite lasagnas are still the ones loaded with different kinds of meats, cheeses and then topped off with even more cheese. Could a low fat vegan lasagna be up to the challenge; or actually could it even be edible? With tons of good reviews online I just had to try it for myself, and overall wasn’t disappointed!

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Candle Cafe Brown Rice & Lentil Vegan Burgers

Meal two for me trial vegan day came in the form of another Engine 2 Diet book recipe, the Candle Cafe Brown Rice and Lentil Burger. I’ve really enjoyed some good black bean burgers, even when I am in full on omnivore mode, so I was looking forward to trying this recipe out. While made as is it wasn’t bad, I think with some tweaks I could turn this into something I’d go to on a regular basis during my vegan phase.

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Rip’s Big Bowl (Modified)

As a fan of eating in bulk, for better or for worse, I was always looking forward to trying the “Rip’s Big Bowl” breakfast from the Engine 2 Diet book.  Rip provides the full recipe description on his website. So I don’t mind sharing the full details of it here.  This breakfast is basically an assortment of various cereals and fruits with a good dose of your favorite milk substitute (or milk if you are not vegan).  I found it quite tasty and filling, although I did make some modifications.  Bottom line, I would totally eat this again!

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