Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels

Many years ago Kate Moss got in a world of trouble for making the statement, “Nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels.”  The gist of her comment was she’d rather be skinny and not eat certain foods, or much food at all, than be fat and eating all the stuff she craves.  While I couldn’t condone the anorexia and eating disorders surrounding that mantra, I thought that with a slight twist it could actually be a very positive statement.  So I’ve changed it to, “Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels.”

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Oven Baked Mexican Quinoa Casserole

During my vegan experiment week one of my favorite new recipes was this delicious concoction that I found on Vegangela. The blog is a treasure trove of tasty looking vegan recipes. My friend Eric was nice enough to direct me to the site and afterward I had a field day looking for my next recipe. This Oven Baked Mexican Quinoa Casserole is exactly what I was looking for.

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Are you self sabotaging without knowing it?

Do you hear a repetitive dialog in your head going something like, “I know I should do [insert idea here], so maybe I’ll start [tomorrow, next week]…”  So something like, “I know I should stop eating donuts for breakfast, so maybe I’ll start eating healthy tomorrow.”  Or, perhaps something like, “I know I should work out more, so next week I’ll start using that gym membership that has been unused for the past three years.”  When I get in these ruts I always wonder what it is that has me stuck.  I honestly think it’s just a case of self sabotage being done subconsciously.  Maybe it all it takes is thinking about the situation from a slightly different perspective to get the ball rolling towards doing rather than wishing you had done it already.

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Vegan Week Day 5

Fifth day of the vegan experiment week was much more ho-hum than the last.  Sadly, food wise it was also the most boring.  The day was less hectic and I didn’t feel any compulsion to cheat, which was good because I knew from the beginning I wouldn’t be trying anything tasty or new today.  Breakfast was the same as always.  I didn’t have time for lunch so that was just a big heaping pile of carrots and celery that I dipped in a big serving of artichoke and spinach hummus (commercially made). Dinner was all leftovers.  Left overs from last night, plus one of the beet and bean burgers reheated from the freezer.  I’m glad they thaw and heat up well since I’ll always be making a whole bunch at a time and only feeding one.  I finished off with a big bowl of the butternut squash soup and then frozen berries.

Just like the paleo experiment, it seems to get easier and easier as you get into the diet.  I’m sure that knowing the last day of it is tomorrow helps.  The idea of perpetual abstinence is what trips us up, at least when we are trying to get used to doing things a different way.  Perhaps if one was looking to make a permanent change the idea of allowing intentional trip ups, or free days, is important to get over the psychological barriers that we setup for ourselves.  For one week however, with the exception of falling back on my old stress relief indulgences, that wasn’t necessary.  Tomorrow I think I’ll be trying to do a vegan indulgence like how I ended my paleo week.

Vegan Week Day 4

The fourth day of this experiment was one where I was really close to breaking it. Stress always requires release, and we want to fall back on our crutches.  That’s booze for some, drugs for others.  For me it’s food.  Combine that with some lack of preparation and I narrowly averted breaking the plan.  I didn’t though, and got the chance to try another new dinner option concocted by my friend.

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