A Bit of a “Bender” And Now I’m Paying For It

Yesterday was supposed to be the first day of me testing soy in my diet.  Instead it turned into a bit of a binge on junk food literally containing almost everything I’m supposed to be avoiding.  Everything started off okay, with my usual (compliant) shake.  I then had sushi for lunch with soy sauce, which went fine.  The rest of the day was a devolving train wreck.

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Egg Test Week Smooth Sailing

Another test week down, another example of how things that I thought may be bothering me really aren’t.  Granted I didn’t think I was having any major adverse reactions to any of these seven foods, but I did keep an open mind to the possibility.  In the end though, I think eggs passed without a doubt but I also think it is proving that the minor gluten issues were just that, issues and not being caused by something else.

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Gluten Test Week Not As Successful As Dairy…

As with the dairy test week, this is unfortunately probably tainted by the medicines and recovering from the surgery.  That probably means I should do a second round of test week later in this experiment, but from what I’ve found so far I think that I at least have some adverse reactions to the consumption of gluten.

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What does your percent body fat really look like?

I’ve seen this article a few times now, but never felt the urge to comment on it until now.  Perhaps it was because I just segued from the “Biggest Loser” article, or perhaps it was because I’m getting claustrophobic from not being plowed out yet.  The big question we can ask ourselves is “what composition are we?”

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Snow shoveling is a great workout–glad I bought a snow blower…


The year I first moved into my current house was the year of “Snowmageddon” or “Snowpocalypse”, which ever you prefer.  The winter season started off with a good 15-18 inch snow storm that shut the place down for several days.  The Pennsylvania, Maryland, DC, Virginia region really doesn’t know how to deal with snow at those levels.  On top of that four of our houses are responsible not only for clearing our own driveways but the road that leads up to our houses, which is about 250 feet.  With our neighbor’s small snow blower as long as you kept the snow levels to 6-8 inches everything was fine.  Thankfully we were all able to do just that.  The same couldn’t be said for the truly ridiculous levels of snow we had a few leeks later.  Fifteen to eighteen inches is bad, but 2-3 feet is off the charts.  Our area was shut down for a week, but we were left to hand shovel that snow, which drifted up to four feet in some areas, by hand!

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Week 5 Virgin Diet: Dairy Trial Week

I’ve been on hiatus from blogging for a couple of weeks but now that the diet experiment weeks are in full effect things are changing up and can get interesting.  I skipped the end of the pure abstinence phase, Week 4.  I have all the data but the end results can be summed up as “more of the same.”  The dairy trial week is another matter, although I’m probably going to have to do it again for reasons that will be obvious shortly.  Based on the initial results however, I’d say that I don’t have any sensitivity to dairy, which is somewhat surprising to me.

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A month (and then some) of bad eating really skewed blood tests

I intend to, and have intended to, go over the details of the various blood tests that I’ve been conducting at quarterly intervals for almost a year now.  I even have some tests that go back to 2010.  The point of the tests are to look at how my body is reacting to the diet/lifestyle that I was previously on.  While I will one day go into the gory details of each one, I just received the results of my tests back in December, and the numbers, I thought, were pretty incredible.

It’s a bit of a mixed blessing. I was always curious if diet would dramatically drive my blood tests in a particular direction over such a short period of time.  I think I now know the answer to that, and it’s a definitive yes.  While I also had the marathon ramp up happening at the same time, I pretty much sat out the rest of the month of December.  Therefore any residual of that should have gone away.  At the same time some numbers which would have stayed low, such as Testosterone scores, were back up to my pre-ramp up levels.  I therefore think that the results are mostly attributable to my incredibly poor diet for the last month and a half of the year.

Again, I’ll be going into detail later, but by far the biggest numbers that changed for the worse were my cholesterol numbers, some liver enzyme tests and my Vitamin-D levels.  While my numbers are still within normal levels, the rise is them is unmistakable.  For example, while my total cholesterol has been between 125 and 133 for all of last year, for the end of December it was 152. Since 199 is the level people start getting worried about, that’s not completely horrible, but a jump of 30% is pretty clear.  My triglycerides score may still be half of the level people start worrying about but it’s also 50% higher than it was for the second half of the year.  Lastly, a measure of liver enzymes that is still a bit below the top of the normal range, is a full 100% higher than it was for the rest of the year.  I certainly hadn’t done any strenuous exercise for the past few weeks before the test, nor was I sick.  That’s therefore me overtaxing my liver compared to other times.

My previous test results were from the end of September.  In the beginning of September I had a pretty good heavy eating and drinking (for me anyway) week at the beginning of the month.  December was comparable to that but for several weeks in a row.  While my numbers from July to October were only slightly worse, definitely in the noise, it is clear that a month and a half of treating your body like this can start a slide.  Where would it stop?  I’m not looking to find that out.  I am looking forward to seeing how they snap back at the end of this Virgin Diet phase however.


Monthly Measurements, February 2014

After a month of eating cleanly and getting some exercise, but not as much as I would like, my measurements have snapped back to the way they were before the end of year binge.  Depending on the measurement they have gone back even as far as before my October holiday binge as well.  I knew I had dropped a bunch of weight on this Virgin Diet.  That isn’t completely intentional.  Since I put on three pounds of excess weight during the holidays, I wanted to shed it over the first three months of the year.  It seems that I’ve done that in the first month plus a little more. I hope that levels off some, but unless I’m eating a ton of excess nuts, nut butters or oil it is really hard to bump up the calories enough to avoid more than a nominal calorie deficit eating this way.  I was glad to see that what little yoga and calisthenics I did do, which will hopefully ramp up in the next couple of weeks, already showed some gains on my arms.  It is amazing how fast things improve when you start from doing nothing at all :-).


Measurement 12/2013 01/2014
1 Neck (in) 16.25 15.75
2 Shoulders (in) 51.1 51.4
3 Chest (in) 43 42.75
4 Left Bicep (in) 13.25 13.5
5 Left Forearm(in) 11.5 11.5
6 Right Bicep (in) 13.25 13.5
7 Right Forearm (in) 11.6.25 11.625
8 Torso (in) 35.1 35
9 Waist (in) 36.25 36
10 Hip (in) 35.75 35.5
11 Left Thigh (in) 23 23.75
12 Left Calf (in) 16 16
13 Right Thigh (in) 23.375 22.75
14 Right Calf (in) 16.375 16.5
Weight (lb) 182 177.9
Skin Fold (mm) 13 11.5
Body Fat Percentage 17 16.