T Minus 1 Day to Paleo Phase

I readily admit I’m once again treating the ramp up like a last meal.  I try not to do this, and wonder how confusing my mental state will be while I’m holding religiously to one eating protocol while preparing for the next as the experiment carries on.  Yet my already low will power is pretty much non-existent today.  I’m celebrating my birthday a little early anyway, so I know I’m going to eat ice cream, as if I didn’t eat two different ice cream treats yesterday.  I’m going to have bread products with dinner, as if I didn’t just eat half a from scratch homemade pizza for lunch.  I’m going to have cheesecake because well, cheesecake is awesome.  Even in a world where I discovered that these sorts of foods are not what works best for my system would everything come crashing down?  Would I never ever again be able to eat something like this if I so chose?  Absolute not!  Stop being melodramatic.  It’s just a few weeks of avoiding these damn things.  So I’ll stop pouting like a four year old stating, “I want!  I want!  I want” and enjoy all the foods I can still eat…after I over-indulge in these soon to be Verboten List foods.  Hey it’s symbolically my birthday after all.


Paleo start inches closer…

Sunday as the “big day” kick off.  I will have completed all of my baseline measurements, and maybe even gotten all my back articles written.  The last two months I have been dutifully recording all my data but I haven’t had the time to sit down and writing about it.  Since my Paleo experiment’s recipe experimentation isn’t going to be quite as persistent, I won’t be having to write ad nauseum about all that.  So that will give me time to catch up on the other journaling.

In the lead up I’ve been enjoying some indulgences I know I’m going to be swearing off for awhile.  I’m eating moderately healthy most days, but have been throwing in bread, pasta, ice cream or maybe some pretzels and cheese.  I will be going hard core into it after June 1st, which unfortunately means my poorly timed “pizza night” for Sunday is out of the question.  There is no way I’m going to start off with trying to make one of those cauliflower “crusts” for a paleo pizza on the first day.  I want to start off with some wins, not an epic fail.


USAF Physical Fitness Test Results, May 2014

On Monday I finally knocked out my first try at the USAF physical fitness test.  I didn’t go through the trouble of trying to get a licensed administrator.  I simply followed the the instructions for administration and tried to stay true to form.  First I did push ups, then I did sit-ups/crunches.  I followed that by pull ups (my addition) and then a treadmill 1.5 mile run.  The results?  Not so great, but I technically passed.

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Staging For Paleo Start

Yes, there is a lot going on but I’m really looking forward to getting back on track with the experiment.  The first thing to do is get my baselines.  I had originally planned for this to happen on the quarters of each year.  Obviously that’s now shifted a month.  It’s certainly not the end of the world, but maybe I’ll change the durations so I can get back on phase later.  As for right now, the big things I need to have are my baseline monthly body measurements, my baseline physical fitness metrics and maybe some starting pictures.

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Turkey: Country or Food? (In Other Words, WTH English?)

I do love some good turkey, and despite all the hoopla about tryptophan it’s probably the carb crash from the rest of the trimmings and your system needing to process the overeating that hits you.  Turkey sandwiches, turkey soup, turkey in whatever form is delicious.  What about the country?  I’ve never been.  I do remember the first time I even knew there was such a country.  It was fourth or fifth grade and we were identifying blobs on a map as a whole class.  The teacher pointed to one blob that none of us knew and this girl, I believe her name was Theresa L., bursted out in a somewhat timid manner, “Turkey?”  The entire class, me included laughed at the ridiculousness of it.  Who names a country “turkey” and why would she think such a place existed?  The teacher came back with a, “no but very close!”  I sat there stunned.  Once again, who names a country after a bird?!  It turns out it’s the other way around.

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Set the Goal But Enjoy the Journey

People need goals to actually get somewhere. If you don’t have some idea of what your target is, how are you going to hit it?  At the same time if all we do is jump from goal to goal, what we end up doing is burning out on goals and actually never achieving a point of contentment.  We spend all this time trying to achieve some goal while the actual goal itself will at most be a fleeting moment.  There is some irony in the fact that 99% of the time we are chronically not at our goal.  In fact if we are setting ambitious goals it’s possible we will never achieve them.  Does that make a person a failure because they didn’t achieve it?  I think that depends on if they are looking for enjoyment at achieving a goal versus from going through the process of trying to get there.

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Podcast Snake Oil

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of podcasts.  The quality is very up and down between one producer and another.  Some people have been doing it for years and have big budgets while others seem to be using their computer microphones and just uploading almost unedited content.  Production quality aside it can be enjoyable to get the diverse set of perspectives on various topics.  I listen to podcasts on everything from gardening to running to general health.  Unfortunately with the demands of my schedule I’ve been stuck in the car the better part of a day for the past couple weeks.  I’ve therefore needed to amp up and podcast list to not run out of things to listen to.  A quick scrub of some related podcasts brought back a wealth of new producers, but with it a discovery of some dubious advice.

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Robb Wolf Still Experimenting

Several years ago I skipped on my Sirius/XM Satellite Radio subscription and decided to start indulging in podcasts.  I wanted something to keep me occupied while I was working out, which I couldn’t do with satellite radio anyway.  I figured I could find some fitness or cooking podcast so searched the iTunes store for those.  At the top of the list were all these Paleo podcasts, and at the top of that list was the Paleo Solution Podcast.  Listening to the podcast taught me a lot about practical Paleo implementation but also how it has helped people overcome major illnesses.  One of the more dramatic stories came from none other than the podcast host, Robb Wolf.

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Paleo Begins June 1st!

Maybe I’m crazy to try this with other things still going on, but I’ve decided to fire up the Paleo phase starting June 1st.  I’ll work out the rest of the follow-on phasing after that.  In order to get ready for the Paleo phase I’ll have to get my baseline measurements and tests done towards the end of this month.  I’m going to be eating cleaner this month anyway, but I’ll just be a bit more conscientious on that as well.  I’ll also be ramping up my exercise as well, which again was intended.  The biggest thing I’m going to have to coordinate is holiday plans and that sort of thing.  I suppose it will just have to be whatever it is, but I’d like to be as compliant as possible during those phases.


Coming Back

While the life event that forced me to derail the beginning of my first phase isn’t over yet, there is finally a little light at the end of the tunnel.  I will start having a little more time to do some writing and hopefully enough time to start the first phase of the diet and to get my baseline numbers.  First order of business will be to post updates on where I am and what happened through the months of March and April and what I’m doing to get ready to start the Paleo phase.  Stay tuned!