Pollen Down–Time to Run

I could of have been running the past several months, nothing actually stopped me from doing it.  Allergies and pollen levels certainly prevented me from running outside, but that’s not the same as avoiding running at all.  Regardless of the reason, the fact is that today was my first day running in.

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Twenty Minute Pizza Experiment

Pizza is one of my go to meals to make when people come over.  Everyone likes it, depending on the toppings, I can accommodate a lot of different diets (especially with some of the paleo crust recipes that are out there).  I have my bread machine recipe for making pizza dough. And I’ve been told that people like my pizza.  All told, I could whip up a batch of my traditional pizza dough and have a pizza out of the oven in about an hour–that’s from nothing but flour, water, oil, and toppings to a ready to slice pizza.  A friend sent me this video, on how to make it in a frying pan in twenty minutes, so I figured why not give that a shot to cut the time by a third.  So, how did it go?

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