Hawaii: A Story of Two Visits

I’ve recently returned from my second trip ever to the state of Hawaii. While a lot of Hawaii reminds me of other tropical places in the the world, it is unique to me in also being a volcanic island. The hiking bug in me is activated as soon as I see the miles of beach coast and inland trails to explore these natural features. My ability to indulge in those sorts of activities has changed a bit however.

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You Can’t Pretend Away An Inconvenient Disease

In the age of modern pharmaceuticals and medical techniques it is often easy to just say “screw it” on lifestyle decisions with the impending potential surgery or lifetime on drugs being the only penance that one needs to make as an after effect.  Yet, I think people do that more often at a sub-conscious than conscious level. People made lifestyle choices that ultimately ended in their early demise long before these advances came along.  It’s therefore part of the human condition which has us concentrating on more immediate realities than far future potential ones.

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