Sourdough English Muffins

While it may seem anti-healthy to some people, especially Paleo-inclined people, one of my hobbies is bread making; specifically sourdough bread.  In order to do that you need a starter for leavening of that bread.  it is the equivalent of yeast in a traditional recipe, but it using wild yeasts.  One of the downsides to this is that you have to feed it every week or two.  The question then becomes one of what to do with all of the excess every two weeks.  Pancakes are a great option, but one that I recently made and am sharing is a recipe for sourdough English muffins.  I got the original recipe off of a website, but I’ve since lost track of it so can’t give them the proper references that I would like to. The below recipe makes about a dozen muffins.

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Causation Doesn’t Equal Correlation (or Is My FitBit Screwing Me)

I’ve built up a lot of narrative in the past couple of years about why my body composition estimates went from being spot on to diverging rapidly.  I presented the graph of my estimated body weight change against my actual in my 2014 recap.


I have had lots of theories but it seemed to correlate well with my marathon training starting up. I’ve been asking if I had “broken my metabolism” or if there may be something else going on.  My weight loss from the 80/10/10 experiment exceeded my projections by several pounds as well.  Maybe I had overcome inflammation that I had created.  Or something to that effect.

Lots of narrative around the correlation, but was it really causation?  This week I was looking at the projections of my weight gain over the past several months, planning for my weight loss tracking for this new experiment.  I was pleased to see that I was spot on in my projections.  Then it occurred to me, I hadn’t been updating my activity levels in my tracking software since November and I had really only been using my FitBit to track sleep most of the time in the September and October time frame where I had those inputs.  So that means that I had taken the FitBit out of the equation and now everything was tracking great again.  Could the obvious problem not have been inflammation or broken metabolisms but that the FitBit is chronically overestimating my calorie estimates?

In the summary article I lamented that the middle of 2013 was when the estimates started diverging.  Guess when I bought the FitBit?  middle of 2013.  In the middle of all of that training as well.  So was it the training or the FitBit?  I’m going to investigate more to find out…


My Legs Are Reminding Me Why We Ramp Up :)

It isn’t an “ouch” but more of an “ugh” now, of course that was after a big “yay!” from how my hard workout went this afternoon.  This week was my first week of really ramping up the running.  I celebrated the first trot on a treadmill last week, but this was for real trying to build up my running back to where it was a few years ago.  It went a lot better than I had expected, but I’m certainly feeling it a bit now.

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An Even Worse “Ancestral” Diet Arises

This link started making the rounds of my social media and I went from being a little skeptical to down right incredulous. I don’t know whether it is the book author or the article author that have more fail going on, but needless to say we have yet more people trying to greenwash away healthier eating because “science”, supposedly.

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Marathon Baby Step #2: Four, Two-Minute Run Sessions

Last week I celebrated running for the first time in a year or so.  It may have only been two minutes at a time of a 10 minute mile pace, and a total of six minutes over half an hour, but it was a start.  This week I ramped it up another level by doing one extra set.  I also added some miles to get up to three miles and to do a fast walk at a 15 minute mile pace instead of a slower walk, but it was a start.  I maxed my heart rate out on the last step, but it felt great.  Now I have to deal with the tightness throughout the day and probably some delayed onset muscle soreness.  The expression, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time,” sprang to mind today, hence my tweet about it earlier.  The fact that in 2012 I ran that same pace over 13.1 miles and was going strong at the end should be demoralizing I guess. I’m basically back to where I was in the beginning of that year though.  So when you think about it that way it’s a bit encouraging, once you get over the whole letting myself go thing…


Isolating Exercise For Fitness Improvement

When I get into a fitness groove it is often a combination of diet and exercise that really happen at the same time.  Even when doing a long stretch of “being healthy” it’s really the combination of the two.  And when I do that I go into full Rambo mode on both, versus kind of muddling through.  Because the two happen at the same time it is hard for me to break out whether it is one or the other or the combination that is really the driving factor.  I’ve always wanted to see if it was diet or exercise that was driving that.  I’m now set up to do just that.

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