I’m Not Labeling Myself By My Diet

Today was the day that health related podcasts come up on my listening roll as I drive around running errands.  In that podcast there was a discussion with a vegan about what kind of vegan she was.  There was a good half hour discussion of the ins and outs of the different kinds of vegans (who knew), and that a relative of her was really a vegan except for one or two things she just had to eat.  I ended up being done my errands half of the way through, but the entire dialog was exasperating.  I’ve never labeled myself by any particular eating style, if for no other reason than I don’t subscribe to one for any particular length of time.  But it did make me wonder why would anyone do that?  What are the advantages?

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Bread Experiments On the Horizon

This blog is/has been mostly about fitness and diet related experiments, thoughts, et cetera.  However as I’m getting back more to my favorite hobby of bread making I’m planning on honing my technique and really start nailing down a more diverse range of recipes.  Yes, I’ve had some good success with my basic Tartine Country bread and variations of loaf shapes related to that:



Yes, I’ve had good success with related bread products like English Muffins, sourdough pancakes, and pizza/flatbread:



But I not only want to nail these down even more, I want to get into a larger variety of whole grain breads and other products.  I’m going to start approaching those with the same fun but systemic approach I’ve used for other experiments.  It should be tasty.  I’ll just need volunteers to help eat all the proceeds of these experiments.



Fasting is not Starving

When starting off on this alternate day fasting experiment, I was expecting fasting days to be brutally difficult.  I’m a person that often can’t go more than a couple hours without putting some kind of food in my mouth.  It’s like a reflex.  When I’m being healthy it may be carrots, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, or other healthy food.  When I’m not, it’s mini-candy bars, pretzels, candy, and other sweets.  Breaking that cycle was one of the main things I’m trying to accomplish with the alternate day fasting experiment.  While there is a longing for indulging those impulses I’m not feeling true hunger, but when was I ever really?

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Naked and Afraid Marathon: Best way to end a tough fasting day

I guess this week will be the official start of this fasting experiment. Last week I got one day in, and it went a lot smoother than I thought it would.  But travel and a family wedding made carrying it through unrealistic.  This week I have no such constraints, but allergies and self-sabotage were definitely lurking behind the scenes.

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Feast then fasting

I’ve been fixated on fasting a lot over the past year.  This isn’t some starvation diet fixation, although it can be used for losing weight too as I am about to lay out.  This is on the potential health benefits of doing moderate fasting, intermittent up to a few days, for things like cutting cancer or diabetes risk.  A month ago I ended my “exercise only” diet experiment with good results on changes in body composition and biomarkers.  Unfortunately the intervening month I didn’t continue the plan at all so I backtracked a little . Wanting to try to jump start things again I’m looking at doing an experiment that ties in fasting as a regular protocol.

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