CRON-O-Meter Review

A documentary on Biosphere 2’s doctor Roy Walford introduced me to the concept of being able to finely track all macro/micro nutrients in the 1990s, but at the cost of hundreds of dollars.  A few years later, around 2001/2002 I was able to start doing the same thing With and then later with their PC equivalent.  In recent years their platform has stagnated and the PC-to-Website integration has totally broken.  I ran across a website called CRON-O-Meter that at first glance seemed like FitDay on steroids, and boy is it!

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Garmin Vivoactive HR Review

I’ve had the pleasure of spending the last couple of weeks replacing my FitBit Charge HR with a new Garmin Vivoactive HR.  While the Charge HR suited most of my needs it wasn’t quite 100% of the way there.  I still needed a GPS watch for runs, which I could have accomplished by staying in the FitBit universe with the Surge though.  I also wanted to start tracking swimming, which the Surge wouldn’t have accomplished.  But would I be trading one set of problems for another?  Here’s the good, not-so-good, bad, and ugly of my experiences with the Vivoactive HR.


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Bread Experiment #1: Cloth Lined Proofing Containers or Not?

My first attempt to get better tears, ears, and loaf aesthetics is to determine if the skin of the dough created by the proofing container changes whether it is cloth lined or not.  I have bannetons as well as some other containers that I use to make loaves. Sometimes I just dust a cloth with flour and use that (although I probably need stiffer clothes to do that for real.  I sometimes get ears but mostly don’t.  This experiment is to look at whether there is a measurable difference in the loaves by comparing one proofed with lining an one proofed directly in the container.  Ideally I would be doing this with identical containers, but since I only have one of each oval and rectangular that will have to do.  My hypothesis is that not using the liner will make the skin slight thicker since it won’t retain as much moisture and therefore I will get more tearing and ears (the good kind) without it.

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