Merging Five Years Of Data

In the end of 2010 I started tracking all of my nutrition, daily calorie burning, and moods full time.  Years of doing it off and on during 12-week fitness challenges, weight loss periods, et cetera prepared me well for this process and made it second nature.  Now it’s coming up on the end of 2016 and I have pretty much everything I’ve eaten, my daily calorie burn estimates, and my moods tracked for several years.  The problem is that the platform I had tracked it in, FitDay, is all but defunct.  How will I resurrect that data?

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Fork VirtualBox to revive the 4.x line?

A few years ago after yet another one of those hacker scares of compromised browsers and operating systems I decided to get a bit dramatic and stop working primarily on my computer’s host operating system and instead run everything I could inside of virtual machines.  VirtualBox has always been my tried and true technology, but in recent months it has suffered a huge plague of major stability problems across all of my host operating systems.  These are problems I’ve never had under VirtualBox 4.  The 3D drivers seem to get more and more unstable with each subsequent upgrade of Windows or MacOS.  Chrome/Chromium/Electron applications that used to run okay now are display artifact hell.  With the latest batch of updates audio drivers keep failing, as well as the 3D drivers.

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A Shift Away From Health Experimentation

My experimentation in fitness has taken a back seat these past few years.  My hardcore experimentation really has fallen more into hitting a point of being unsatisfied with where I am and then clawing back for a bit.  While I intend to continue to write on that topic as the desire strikes me, the topic of experimentation that has been occupying my time recently has been my good old computers/software engineering.  I’m adding a section to this blog specifically for this, and changing the format around to accommodate that.  I look forward to getting all of these thoughts out of my head and onto “paper”.