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Paleo Dos: Eggs

Eggs are a rather universal food amongst omnivores and carnivores.  They are nutrient dense little packages that are easy to consume, and in our cases store and transport.  It’s therefore no coincidence that eating eggs is a rather standard part of human diets in regions all over the planet where interactions with birds is common.  While there is no specification on the species of bird eggs to eat, you are probably going to most likely be encountering chicken eggs at the store.

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Egg Test Week Smooth Sailing

Another test week down, another example of how things that I thought may be bothering me really aren’t.  Granted I didn’t think I was having any major adverse reactions to any of these seven foods, but I did keep an open mind to the possibility.  In the end though, I think eggs passed without a doubt but I also think it is proving that the minor gluten issues were just that, issues and not being caused by something else.

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