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Exercise Isolation: Mixed Results

I’m one month into my exercise isolation experiment to see what would happen if I really crank up my crappy exercise regiment (which means not exercising at all) while holding my pretty decent diet pretty static.  Over the month I’ve seen some good changes, but some other things stayed more static than I was expecting.  A full writeup of my experiment methodology is here.  I’ll do a full break down later, but I wanted to do a quick summary with the last day done.

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Isolating Exercise For Fitness Improvement

When I get into a fitness groove it is often a combination of diet and exercise that really happen at the same time.  Even when doing a long stretch of “being healthy” it’s really the combination of the two.  And when I do that I go into full Rambo mode on both, versus kind of muddling through.  Because the two happen at the same time it is hard for me to break out whether it is one or the other or the combination that is really the driving factor.  I’ve always wanted to see if it was diet or exercise that was driving that.  I’m now set up to do just that.

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