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Fitbit Ionic May Be Ugly, But Will It Make Me Leave Garmin Anway?

A little over a year ago I switched from the FitBit ecosystem to the Garmin one when I traded in my ChargeHR for a VivoactiveHR, reviewed here.  I made many compromises when I made the move to pick up a lot of additional capabilities, but now that the FitBit Ionic is on the horizon it may be time to re-evaluate that equation to see if it still balances out. Continue reading Fitbit Ionic May Be Ugly, But Will It Make Me Leave Garmin Anway?

CRON-O-Meter Review

A documentary on Biosphere 2’s doctor Roy Walford introduced me to the concept of being able to finely track all macro/micro nutrients in the 1990s, but at the cost of hundreds of dollars.  A few years later, around 2001/2002 I was able to start doing the same thing With FitDay.com and then later with their PC equivalent.  In recent years their platform has stagnated and the PC-to-Website integration has totally broken.  I ran across a website called CRON-O-Meter that at first glance seemed like FitDay on steroids, and boy is it!

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Methodology: Meal Planning

A successful diet is built around foods that you enjoy, that are nourishing and healthy and that fits within your budget.  This applies to everyone from vegans to your average joe just walking down the street enjoying his SAD diet.  One of the tricks behind this experiment is going to be finding that combination for each of the diets that I’m going to be trying out.  I’m going to be employing several tools to do that.

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