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Testing Over! Now On To First Phase

The last two weeks has had me rounding out my testing of additional food types as I finish up my Virgin Diet.  Now that I’ve tried corn and peanuts all that is left is to summarize my results and prepare for my entry into the Paleo world for the next three months.  While I have had no ground breaking sensitivities to report, it’s good to know that there may be some minor effects I’m pretty much good to go on any of the foods I’d be considering trying in any of the diets.

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Week 5 Virgin Diet: Dairy Trial Week

I’ve been on hiatus from blogging for a couple of weeks but now that the diet experiment weeks are in full effect things are changing up and can get interesting.  I skipped the end of the pure abstinence phase, Week 4.  I have all the data but the end results can be summed up as “more of the same.”  The dairy trial week is another matter, although I’m probably going to have to do it again for reasons that will be obvious shortly.  Based on the initial results however, I’d say that I don’t have any sensitivity to dairy, which is somewhat surprising to me.

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Week 3 Virgin Diet Summary

With the third week done I’m now moving into the last week of abstaining from all of the forbidden foods.  While I have the hang of it still, I can’t say I’m beyond craving the foods that I really like.  Just like last week I’m not feeling any different, with the exception of having a cold and feeling those couple of “disconnected” feelings right before lunch on Thursday and Saturday.  Diet wise I really didn’t do so great with the nutrition.  I did have a couple of salads but a lot more of my calories came from rice and potatoes.  While that didn’t violate any of the rules of the seven forbidden foods, it is breaking the rules with respect to the ratio of carbs, greens and protein.  While that is more for people trying to lose weight on this diet than about determining if they are having a food sensitivity, the fact that I am low on a lot more nutrients this week than last week means I have to get my vegetable intake up in this coming week.  The breakdown was:


As you can see things are looking pretty piss poor on Vitamin E, Riboflavin, Thiamin and Zinc.  For once I’m also a bit low on Food Folate and Iron too.  What I’m especially not happy about is that that Calcium levels are just over 100% but that is with me taking a Calcium supplement too.  I really don’t like having to take a supplement anyway, but I need to for Vitamin D (the one vitamin I don’t mind since a lot of Vitamin D is supposed to come from sunlight).  The fact that even with supplementation Calcium is just over 100% means I need to do a better job eating calcium. For most people they head right to the “cheese and milk” visualization of how to do that.  Actually, vegetables can be quite high in calcium as well.  So, once again this goes back to I’m not eating enough vegetables.  I really need to get onto to that stat!


Day 19 Virgin Diet: Sushi without soy sauce can be tasty

With a busy day of business meetings I didn’t have too much time to fit in my typical meals.  I started the day with the usual shake which I had to drink on my drive to my first appointment.  Lunch was an amazingly large salad which only held me until mid-afternoon.  Ironically while I wasn’t hungry at all around noon, by the time I got lunch twenty minutes later I was practically light headed.  I’m not sure what is up with that, but I do know I felt better after lunch.

While lunch was an enormous salad I was hungry again by 2 pm, so I had a small apple.  I figured I may end up having a bigger dinner later and didn’t want to spoil it too much.  As it turns out dinner ended up being a pretty large meal of sushi.  Unfortunately I didn’t plan my day out well enough so I didn’t have my coconut aminos to bring along with me.  It was therefore just sushi with some wasabi rubbed on top.  I was surprised how much less sushi you can eat when you don’t have the soy sauce (or coconut aminos) mixed into it.  I still managed to polish it all off, but it would have been more satisfying without it.

That was about all I had the stomach for today.  Even though that’s not a lot of food, I just didn’t feel the urge to force more food down.  Maybe I’ll make up for it in the next couple of days.


Day 18 Virgin Diet: Status Quo

After the day of dealing with snow, today was a rather bland day.  I’m kind of sore from yesterday, and even woke up in the middle of the night with my right lower back sort of spazzing out.  It settled down eventually though.  Tomorrow night is the night of my next set of pushups, so I still have one day to recover.  Food wise everything was incredibly ordinary.  The usual shake started the day and kept me full until lunch.  Lunch was a not so big salad.  I originally was intending to get some Chicken Tikki, but for some reason all the were making were sandwiches today.  That obviously wasn’t going to fly, but I wasn’t in the mood for a giant salad.  It was just the usual.  Dinner was just some bacon wrapped chicken breasts with a baked potato followed by some almond butter fudge and a bowl of grapes.  As I said, nothing too dramatic or interesting.

Day 17 Virgin Diet: Lots of exercise (and shoveling) to fill the day

The Northeast/Mid-Atlantic had their taste of some real snow, which meant cocooning in the house doing “work” work while regularly going out to shovel.  There will be a snowblower for the next storm!  Until then it was more a neighborly effort to keep shoveling before it got too deep since three houses share a 250 foot driveway.  Despite all that I was able to get some good eating in and to try a new way of cooking chicken.

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Day 16 Virgin Diet: Still under the weather, but not helping much with this diet…

Today I woke up feeling about the same as I did yesterday morning, and it continued through the afternoon and evening.  It’s nothing horrific but enough to be a nuisance and for me to try to avoid contact with people.  Sadly due to poor schedule management on my part my diet for the day wasn’t altogether bad, but it wasn’t that diverse either.

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Day 15 Virgin Diet: Feeling under the weather and no comfort food to be had!

I had gone to bed feeling a bit dehydrated and woke up with a splitting headache.  On a Sunday morning when I wasn’t abstaining from alcohol that would have been a clear indication I had too much alcohol the night before, which sadly with my metabolism can be as little as three beers sometimes.  I tried nursing it off but to no avail, so I just kept trying some nourishment to fill in the gaps and lots of water/seltzer trying to fight it down.

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