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Momentum Made Me Do It!

In a world where “life” didn’t get in the way of me doing my exercise/fitness things I’m sure I’d still find a way to avoid them.  Part of the reason for doing the daily metrics and grading is to make how lax I am getting in those areas apparent.  In the past three weeks I’ve had it dialed in really well though.  My 10K steps goal is one that my fitness watch tracks for me.  As the consecutive day counter goes up every day it seems like an even bigger shame to break my record.  Yesterday work really got in the way of me getting to over 10K steps.  It wasn’t that abnormal of a day compared to my normal schedule, but it was the first time since I decided to dial everything in that it happened.  If it was three weeks ago I would have just said to myself, “Screw it! So I get a low grade on that that goal for the day!” Yesterday was different though.  The low grade may not be enough to move my hand but the idea that I’d break my streak was enough.  I hadn’t had time to squeeze in a morning walk (or run) before work, it wasn’t until mid-day that I realized I wouldn’t be home in time to do it before dark, I didn’t have exercise clothes, and it was 100 degrees outside.  I even had “other things” I could have done to kill some time waiting for traffic to die down to make my way home.  But I didn’t.  Not this time.  This time I just started walking and more walking for an hour, until the counter clicked just over 10K steps.  The streak continues for another day and I registered another 4.0 day.  It’s a minor victory to be sure, but string enough minor victories together and you get real progress.

Leg tightness is from lifestyle, just not the way I thought (I think)

When this lifelong non-athlete got too winded from walking up the stairs a few years ago, he decided to start doing something about it.  Exercising just for the hell of it, or for some long term health benefits didn’t seem to be motivating enough.  I instead directed that towards the one thing that I thought may work, attempting to run a 10K.  I thought a short term but doable goal would motivate me better than anything, and I was right.  But a 10K soon became a half, and now I’m on may way to starting to run my first full marathon.  While that has been good, one thing that has been concerning me is my perpetual muscle tightness.  I’ve talked it over with my PT several times and had some late night sessions with Doctor Google trying to figure it out, but it has been persistent.  I had hoped it was a lifestyle thing, and after the last week I think I’ve figured out that indeed it is, but not what I was originally expecting.

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