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Finally had a 4.0 week, don’t make it a stumbling block

Since I started dialing my fitness regiment in three weeks ago I’ve been striving to get a perfect 4.0 grade across all five of my daily goals for an entire week.  I was getting really close, but each week had one or two hiccups/slip ups that kept me off the perfect mark.  No longer.  I finally got a 4.0 across all my categories for an entire week for the first time since I started trying to do  this whole daily grading thing (even back to my Nutritarian Experiment of 2016).  First, I’ll congratulate myself for a job well done.  Now, a word of warning.  When I nail something like this I often have an impulse to try to extend it longer and longer.  Inevitably I stumble, just like anyone else does with anything like this.  That stumble then usually leads to a crash.  That crash then leads to a period of rationalization of how I was doing well so deserve a little “reward” for it, whatever that means, and that I’ll get back to it tomorrow.  String a bunch of tomorrows together and I get years of getting back to it “tomorrow”.

This week may be a perfect week again, or it may not not.  Instead of focusing on these longer term trends like I usually do I’m going to take my “being in the present” mindset that has been working these past three weeks forward. I’ll concentrate on nailing my goals today, and only today.  I’m not going to worry about what I screwed up yesterday, or if I’ll screw up tomorrow.  I’ll still track and trend all of these things as an observational and historical thing, but I’m not going to expend mental energy on it beyond just working it out today.

Goal Week 4 Redux

The fourth week of my diet challenge is now behind me. With the added formalism to my grading I can really keep myself more honest about how things are going.  As usual, while I’m able to keep the diet dialed in, other things just don’t get the attention they need.  As schedules get more compressed and busy I often just don’t have the energy to get the exercise things done, or it’s a trade-off between sleep and exercise.  Hopefully next week I’ll be able to address that with some schedule changes.

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Egg Test Week Smooth Sailing

Another test week down, another example of how things that I thought may be bothering me really aren’t.  Granted I didn’t think I was having any major adverse reactions to any of these seven foods, but I did keep an open mind to the possibility.  In the end though, I think eggs passed without a doubt but I also think it is proving that the minor gluten issues were just that, issues and not being caused by something else.

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Week 5 Virgin Diet: Dairy Trial Week

I’ve been on hiatus from blogging for a couple of weeks but now that the diet experiment weeks are in full effect things are changing up and can get interesting.  I skipped the end of the pure abstinence phase, Week 4.  I have all the data but the end results can be summed up as “more of the same.”  The dairy trial week is another matter, although I’m probably going to have to do it again for reasons that will be obvious shortly.  Based on the initial results however, I’d say that I don’t have any sensitivity to dairy, which is somewhat surprising to me.

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Week 3 Virgin Diet Summary

With the third week done I’m now moving into the last week of abstaining from all of the forbidden foods.  While I have the hang of it still, I can’t say I’m beyond craving the foods that I really like.  Just like last week I’m not feeling any different, with the exception of having a cold and feeling those couple of “disconnected” feelings right before lunch on Thursday and Saturday.  Diet wise I really didn’t do so great with the nutrition.  I did have a couple of salads but a lot more of my calories came from rice and potatoes.  While that didn’t violate any of the rules of the seven forbidden foods, it is breaking the rules with respect to the ratio of carbs, greens and protein.  While that is more for people trying to lose weight on this diet than about determining if they are having a food sensitivity, the fact that I am low on a lot more nutrients this week than last week means I have to get my vegetable intake up in this coming week.  The breakdown was:


As you can see things are looking pretty piss poor on Vitamin E, Riboflavin, Thiamin and Zinc.  For once I’m also a bit low on Food Folate and Iron too.  What I’m especially not happy about is that that Calcium levels are just over 100% but that is with me taking a Calcium supplement too.  I really don’t like having to take a supplement anyway, but I need to for Vitamin D (the one vitamin I don’t mind since a lot of Vitamin D is supposed to come from sunlight).  The fact that even with supplementation Calcium is just over 100% means I need to do a better job eating calcium. For most people they head right to the “cheese and milk” visualization of how to do that.  Actually, vegetables can be quite high in calcium as well.  So, once again this goes back to I’m not eating enough vegetables.  I really need to get onto to that stat!


Week 2 Virgin Diet Summary

The second week is now down and while I certainly am getting used to the restrictions I can’t say I have gotten to the point where I’m not missing certain foods anymore.  It is great to notice that I can pick up the scents of these foods I used to eat all the time, often from across the room.  Unfortunately that creates a craving not revulsion sensation.  I think part of the reason for that is because I’m actually not sensitive to any of these foods that I’ve excluded.  Perhaps it is too early to tell, and in the coming weeks I will have a revelation about something that is just not agreeing with my system.  There is only one way to find out, of course.

Nutrition wise things are looking a lot better than last week.  Almost across the board my intake of all vitamins and minerals went up.  I made up some lost ground on some nutrients I wasn’t hitting 100% of Daily Value on, especially the calcium, thiamin and iron.  At the same time I still am missing the mark just a little bit on Zinc and Riboflavin.  These are still hovering just above or below 90% so this isn’t an actual case of malnourishment, but at the same time I would ideally have all of these above 100% for the week.


Mood and body wise everything felt fine.  I am now only susceptible to fatigue on days that I don’t get enough sleep, which unfortunately was more than one this week.  Without the sugar or caffeine boosters one really needs to be far more careful about how much sleep they are getting.  I’ll have to make a note of that and get to bed earlier.  I still am feeling some muscle stiffness when I do even light exercise, but since I’ve been completely sedentary for the past month and a half that is to be expected, I think.  We will see more as I get back into working out more and more over the next few months.  Lastly, my knee sensation maxed out about mid-week.  I’m hoping that whatever body adjustment to the diet that was causing that is now over. As with the rest of this, I guess it’s a case of “time will tell.”