My Fediverse Decision Crossroads: On Friendica

I’ve had a Friendica account on the fediverse almost since day one, even if I didn’t actively use it initially. In 2018 I started heavily using Diaspora and Mastodon instead of it since I preferred their simpler UIs. It wasn’t until early 2019 that I revisited Friendica since it tied together all of the Fediverse into one experience. It has been my primary portal into all of those networks ever since. Despite a lot of effort by a lot of people it hasn’t been all roses though. As I want to adopt a social media system that I could recommend to my dad the warts of the system still weigh on me. As I host my own I see some big ones there too. What I need to decide is if I want to do the leap to help trying to fix them, if they are fixable, or do the leap off of the platform into something else.

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Another Digital Detox Attempt

My social media posts on the most vexing of topics, the current state of politics in my state and country, are probably a giant flag about how totally torqued up I am about things. A day doesn’t go by that there isn’t some new insanity that is visited on non-Republicans and Independents by the Republicans and the completely inept coverage of these things in the mainstream media out of fear of being labeled “biased”. I can’t even blame the social media algorithms for this. I’m doing it to myself since my social media experience is all self-created and visited lists that are in reverse chronological order. I can feel the compulsion to check over and over to see what new fucked up thing has happened and how it isn’t covered at all, covered with the Republican framing, or at best bothesidesismed to death by the main stream media, to say nothing for the treatment in the right wing media silos. To what end though? I’m just driving myself crazy with this stuff. I’m beyond trying to stay informed. I’m essentially beating myself up out of compulsion, lack of reactive response control, and probably a subconscious craving for the dopamine hit. Combine that with the impending take over of Twitter by a sociopathic narcissistic megalomaniac, to go along with the one running Facebook, my hand is probably going to be pushed on radically changing my social media behaviors anyway. It is for all those reasons I’m going to try to do another digital detox.

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Dart's Lazy Streaming Operators' Nuances

I spent way too long this morning trying to debug some processing code in a Flutter app when I discovered that I was getting bitten by an artifact of lazy evalution of a collection stream operator. That caused me to do a deep dive of how they work in Dart and other languages. For posterity and my own memory I am documenting it all here.

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Flashback Video to when Git Was New

The year was 2005. The news of the father of Linux, Linus Torvalds, rage quitting his source code management system (SCM), BitKeeper, spread widely because he said he was stopping all his Linux development until he made a new SCM system that would be better than all others. Could he pull off another genius move like he did with Linux again? Would it in practice be just for his use or would it be the new defacto standard that would revolutionize how we did source code management?

We now know that he did hit another home run with his SCM system, called Git. It is the defacto standard for SCMs around the world. It is no exaggeration to say that it revolutionized the scalability of development and has transformed the way we work with SCM systems. We forget how much harder it was to imagine this endpoint back then though. Tripping across this presentation he gave on Git in 2007 at Google really brought all those memories forward for me though.

Linus Torvalds giving his 2007 Tech Talk about Git at Google

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Dart vs Go REST Server Performance Comparison Study

Yesterday’s post on Server Side Dart REST Framework performance really started from what I’m documenting today: figuring out if Go was really much faster than Dart for REST service work. I’m taking time in the month of February to try to learn Go. I came up with the idea of making a little E-Book REST service which takes an epub book from Project Gutenberg and re-hosts it as a series of chapters in simplified text complete with linking between chapters, table of contents, etc. Unfortunately the only epub reader library for Go doesn’t work well. I did find a good one for Dart though! I then began thinking about writing the whole thing in Dart, or at least the epub processor. That would defeat the purpose of the project in the first place but it did get me asking myself the question, “Is Go really going to be any faster than Dart for this sort of thing?” And thus this whole project began. The previous post detailed the various layers of Dart performance. This is looking at Dart vs. the built in Go HTTP server library. The code and data can be found in this Gitlab repo.

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