Day 1 Elimination Diet, Smooth Sailing

The first day of the elimination diet is now in the record books.  I was never concerned about being able to get through the first day, and there were no real surprised except for the need to really plan ahead for the next week’s food.

The day started off as normal with breakfast being one of the JJ Virgin Shakes.  I’ve now grown fully accustomed to the pea protein powder so the shake is actually tasty to me now.  I’m sure the copious amount of blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries help with that.  These shakes are incredibly filling.  This is especially true if you drink them with a bunch of water too.  I had a few cups of light green tea to go along with it, as well as just sipping on hot water all morning to stay warm.  I could have snacked on fruit or carrots, but I really didn’t feel that hungry.

The morning being somewhat lazy I had spent the morning playing a video game on the computer and doing some stuff for this blog when all of a sudden it was 1 pm.  Lunch was a nice big salad of mixed greens, raw kale, onion, carrots, canned salmon and various seasonings with a heaping quantity of olive oil and some balsamic vinegar drizzled on.  I usually have a salad like this with a side of some bread, but no dice on that this time!

Dinner was not for several hours later, but I wasn’t especially hungry throughout the day.  I also wasn’t especially lethargic or energized.  I didn’t feel the need to take a nap, even though I only got a few hours of sleep last night due to staying up late at a party, but I wasn’t dying to go running outside.  This blah whether has me in full blown cocoon mode, which could include lots of grazing.  Instead I just nibbled on a few carrots mid-afternoon, and that was about it until dinner.

Dinner was a classic recipe I picked up during my paleo experiment: bacon wrapped chicken thighs with dry rub seasoning on it with a side of baked potato.  The diet plan calls for a big heaping portion of vegetables and a little less meat, but I stuck with the standard recipe from the Paleo days.  In the end that means a ding in the vitamins and minerals I consumed, but it didn’t impact my hunger at all.  In fact, the way I was going to take care of that was to eat another big salad after dinner, but I’m so contently full that I decided to just skip it and go to bed with that being my last meal.  That may sound good, but that means I’m in a pretty steep calorie deficit for the day, which is not something I’m shooting for.

The first day was easy, since I was at home base and had all the time in the world to address my schedule.  Tomorrow will pose some interesting challenges as I have to try to get my shake in before heading off to work early, fit the diet into my lunch and get dinner ready while also getting a gym workout in.  The level and method of success tomorrow will be interesting to see to say the least.