Day 10-Virgin Diet: Still disappointed with some nutrients, but yay for sushi

Day 10 was a rather blase day, diet wise.  I had a typical shake for breakfast.  I followed that up with a typical huge salad for lunch.  Mid-to-late afternoon was a huge container of carrots and celery with a heaping serving of the homemade garlic hummus.  I was kind of hungry by dinner time and didn’t have any big things planned so it was a trip to Wegman’s for an assortment of sushi followed by some of that homemmade almond butter fudge for “dessert.”  I entered all of that into the computer and out popped the fact that I was pretty low on several vitamins and minerals.  That’s nothing that a bowl full of pumpkin seeds, almonds and cashews couldn’t take care of.  The problem is that eating that many nuts and seeds at the same time does not make for a happy stomach.

I’m still recovering from that two mile run two days ago.  That’s almost as pathetic to read as it was to write it.  It’s the state of affairs that I must move forward from though, so no use denying it.  I just shake my head at how fast a degradation in a mere month and a half can do after nearly two years of pretty consistent training.  That’s fine though because that weird knee pain I had last week is more amplified this week.  It’s especially true in my left knee.  All around the knee cap, well into where the soft tissue is, just feels irritated.  I’m not sure what I was eating before that was quelling that symptom that I’m not eating now, but whatever it is I look forward to having at it again.  Mental note, this elimination diet is definitely not the one that is tuned best to my system.