Week 2 Virgin Diet Summary

The second week is now down and while I certainly am getting used to the restrictions I can’t say I have gotten to the point where I’m not missing certain foods anymore.  It is great to notice that I can pick up the scents of these foods I used to eat all the time, often from across the room.  Unfortunately that creates a craving not revulsion sensation.  I think part of the reason for that is because I’m actually not sensitive to any of these foods that I’ve excluded.  Perhaps it is too early to tell, and in the coming weeks I will have a revelation about something that is just not agreeing with my system.  There is only one way to find out, of course.

Nutrition wise things are looking a lot better than last week.  Almost across the board my intake of all vitamins and minerals went up.  I made up some lost ground on some nutrients I wasn’t hitting 100% of Daily Value on, especially the calcium, thiamin and iron.  At the same time I still am missing the mark just a little bit on Zinc and Riboflavin.  These are still hovering just above or below 90% so this isn’t an actual case of malnourishment, but at the same time I would ideally have all of these above 100% for the week.

Mood and body wise everything felt fine.  I am now only susceptible to fatigue on days that I don’t get enough sleep, which unfortunately was more than one this week.  Without the sugar or caffeine boosters one really needs to be far more careful about how much sleep they are getting.  I’ll have to make a note of that and get to bed earlier.  I still am feeling some muscle stiffness when I do even light exercise, but since I’ve been completely sedentary for the past month and a half that is to be expected, I think.  We will see more as I get back into working out more and more over the next few months.  Lastly, my knee sensation maxed out about mid-week.  I’m hoping that whatever body adjustment to the diet that was causing that is now over. As with the rest of this, I guess it’s a case of “time will tell.”