Day 16 Virgin Diet: Still under the weather, but not helping much with this diet...

Today I woke up feeling about the same as I did yesterday morning, and it continued through the afternoon and evening.  It’s nothing horrific but enough to be a nuisance and for me to try to avoid contact with people.  Sadly due to poor schedule management on my part my diet for the day wasn’t altogether bad, but it wasn’t that diverse either.

The morning started with the standard shake, to which I added a full additional cup of blueberries.  I figured a little additional vitamins with breakfast couldn’t hurt.  That actually kept me full all the way until lunch time, as these shakes tend to do nowadays, but I was still a bit hungry by the time lunch rolled around.  I ordered a chicken and shrimp fajita without the sour cream and tortilla.  So basically I ate a huge skillet of chicken, shrimp, peppers and onions on top of which I poured the dirty rice and guacamole.  I sadly also picked at, well ate a whole bunch, of the french fries that another coworker ordered with their food since they weren’t going to eat it.  Yes, they were delicious, and technically perfectly compatible with the diet, albeit not really since the whole “good fats” and nutrient balance was for shit.

I was amazingly not hungry at all for the rest of the afternoon, but dinner did land on me pretty fast.  Again, my dinner selection wasn’t exactly diverse: a Chipotle Buritto Bowl.  I followed that up later in the evening with some almond fudge, some pecans and a bowl of frozen berries and mango.

I managed to avoid taking any Advil today since the headaches abated for the most part by late morning.  I’m hoping tomorrow I just wake up to them being gone, especially if there is a lot of snow to be shoveling.