Day 21 Virgin Diet: Portobello "bun" failure

I’m not the type of person that needs to eat sandwiches and burgers on a daily basis.  However Every once in a while it’s a nice thing to have.  Obviously with no gluten products until July that’s not going to happen.  Besides that everything was just an ordinary day of eating.

I started the day with the usual shake.  I’m out of frozen berries now so I hit the store for more of those.  I decided to start adding more berries to the mix and making the extra more blueberry since it just sweetens things up a bit.  It wasn’t until lunch that I decided to try something new, and I didn’t quite get the results I wanted.

I was in the mood for something burger-ish for lunch.  I wasn’t going to search far and wide for a cheat bun, something gluten free but full of other grains.  First, that wouldn’t work with the Paleo diet anyway.  Second, that’s not exactly helping me stay as whole foods as possible.  Third, most of those products have some corn or soy in it anyway.  So instead I decided to try to do a “portobello bun” like you see in several of the recipe books floating around.  I tried this once before, during my Paleo Diet experiment week.  In that case I followed the instructions to “lightly” cook the mushrooms.  That was supposed to soften them up a bit.  It certainly did do that.  If you need to know anything about mushrooms though you need to know that when you start cooking them they start “expressing” their liquids.  That’s fancy talk for saying they start leaking water all over the place.

This time around I decided to try to just use the mushrooms raw.  I tried biting into one (after washing it off with a wet towel of course) and it seemed to be easy to bite through.  I therefore cooked the burgers, put some steak sauce on and then stacked the “sandwich”.  As I bit down I knew this was a disaster in the making, but too late.  The sauce ran everywhere.  I should have known that there would be no absorption into the mushroom “bun” and definitely none into the meat either.  I therefore gave up on trying to eat it sandwich style.  Perhaps with a something that wasn’t so saucy and with some slightly thinner portobello the whole sandwich concept would work. As it is, this was yet another failed experiment with the portobello “sandwich”.  I finished up lunch with a bowl of grapes.

I was actually pretty beat for the afternoon and took a two hour nap in the middle of the day.  I figure that was because I got to bed late and woke up at my usual relatively early time.  After I woke up I got dinner started, which was yet again bacon wrapped chicken breast with a potato, this time with some green beans instead of asparagus.  I ate some homemade almond fudge while I was doing all that.  After dinner I realized I was really low on calories for the day, but I wasn’t really feeling like eating.  I decided to just chomp down on some carrots and macadamia nuts.

Overall I felt fine all day.  I did crash in the afternoon, which I think was mostly because of my sleep from the night before, or lack thereof, with a little bit also because I really didn’t have a lot of carbs throughout the morning or afternoon.  I also felt a little bit of a disconnected feeling about an hour before lunch.  It was the same sort of feeling I had back on Thursday.  I wasn’t hungry or starving in any way.  It was within two hours of me having my standard shake.  Yet I just started feeling kind of light headed and disconnected with my body.  After eating some lunch it all went away, again just like on Thursday.  I’m not sure if that is some artifact of that light cold I had on Sunday or something else.  I’ll keep an eye out for it though.