Paleo Day 4: Rinse and repeat, with a little wine

With a second day of having to do work away from home I just settled into the same routine I had yesterday, for the most part.  I had most of what I needed so it was easy enough to just rinse and repeat.

Breakfast was the same, eggs and bacon.  Except I also threw in some of the asparagus for good measure.  Eating over half a pound of asparagus in one meal is quite a lot, so I figured splitting it up would be best.  I also threw back a handful of almonds just to round everything out.  Lunch was the same as well, a ham steak with more asparagus.  Rather than snacking on the tomato and avocado salad in the afternoon, I just nibbled on some carrots.  I saved the tomato and avocado for a midnight snack.

Dinner was out at a restaurant again, but this one was more seafood and Americana type food.  I started off with a shrimp and scallop ceviche.  Rather than keeping up with the whole seafood genre I opted for a huge grilled chicken breast with a side of arugula salad and roasted potatoes.  I was feeling celebratory as well so at dinner I had a couple of glasses of white wine and another couple glasses of champagne when I got home.

My caffeine migraine hadn’t been as persistent, so I was able to get by on half of an unsweetened iced tea versus a couple.  I am pretty tight from the days of work, which are thankfully over however.  To wrap up the afternoon after two days of hard work I did some light stretching and then walked down to the beach to spend a good hour or two just slowly walking up and down the beach.  Doctors orders said no running, but I did a few trots for a grand total of maybe 30 seconds, a minute tops, to see what my foot strike pattern looks like when I run barefoot.  Based on what I read and watched in the ChiRunning book and video, I’d say I’m in good shape.