Paleo Day 27: Definitely Not Wired

Regardless of how much energy I felt I had the day before, I knew that not getting anywhere enough sleep the day before was going to hit me eventually, and so it did today.

The original plan for the morning was to wake up early and get a long run (7 miles) in before I had to get on the road.  Instead of that I woke up with barely enough time to get a real breakfast in before getting on the road.  I whipped up my Virgin Diet shake, wolfed it down and then got going.  I didn’t even feel I had enough time to get my turmeric ginger tea going, not that that takes forever to make or anything.

Lunch was my first trip back to Moe’s, the burrito chain, in probably ten years.  I remember it being somewhat like Chipotle but that was it.  Actually it was very much like Chipotle in terms of messaging.  Everything is grass fed such and such or organic such and such, just like Chipotle.  They have the same mix of items: burritos, burrito bowls and salads.  However along with those they also have quesadilla, dessert and some other items.  They also give you tortillas versus expecting you to buy them on the side.  That said, I found their menu confusing since it had two names for every major item but with little to differentiate what was in any of them.  Instead I just said “salad” and started loading stuff up.  I left it to them to figure out which named product I was supposedly building up from.

I obviously didn’t have the quesadilla, but instead the salad.  I did pretty much the same thing I do at Chipotle in terms of toppings.  They originally had shredded cabbage which I asked for.  To which the attendant said, “Oh that’s coleslaw I just have to make it.” and then he proceeded to pour in way too much mayonnaise, chipotle sauce and some other stuff.  I originally was pleased about the raw cabbage, so I just told him never mind.  The salad itself was as tasty as the one at Chipotle but the steak was far more tender than the what I usually have at Chipotle.  I wonder why and how that could be?

By the time 4 pm rolled around I was still driving around but I was really dragging butt.  Up until that point I wasn’t sure if I was still riding that energy wave from the day before.  At that point it was clear that was no longer the case.  I therefore stopped and got a little mango and some mineral water to hopefully wake me up for a bit.  I just needed to feel amped up long enough to get on my long run after my errands.   It did do the trick, but unfortunately my original “get home” time of 5:30 pm turned into more like 6:45 pm.  At that point it was too late to do a run that would take me upwards of 90 minutes and then eat dinner, so I was going to try to run after dinner at the gym.

Dinner was a rather large affair for me.  I had two pieces of cod, a baked sweet potato half (these are one pound sweet potatoes) and a vegetable only salad of kale, dandelion, tomatoes, jicama, heart of palm and carrots.  By the time I was done eating the fish and the sweet potato I was already stuffed so the salad had to wait until later.  That turned out to be much later, like 10 pm.  I did wolf it down at that point instead of dessert, but I hate eating that much food so close to bed.

The run, as you can tell, never materialized.  Nor did my backup swim plan.  The run will have to be tomorrow and this second day of rest which I wasn’t planning on will just have to mean powering through the rest of the week working out every day to try to catch up on it.  I’m still only going to run three days a week but I want to do something, even if it is just 20 minutes of yoga or elliptical through until next Sunday.