Paleo Day 29: Long Run In (Finally)...and Dogging it!

Okay, I’m seriously going to go running today.  I promise!

I didn’t want to do another shake for breakfast, although I will be making one again.  Instead I decided to make some eggs and bacon.  When I first started exploring the Paleo diet that was what I envisioned as the prototypical breakfast.  It’s fully ‘Murican, even if I had twice as much kale as eggs in my scramble.  It wasn’t quite filling enough so I ended up having a banana after that and then some dates soon afterward.

The day was yet more driving around looking at real estate.  I carried along a huge bottle of seltzer water to keep me going.  By 2 pm again we were done and it was back to deciding what to do.  I decided against eating, which would have been a surefire way to make sure I didn’t get my run in.  Instead I laced up my old shoes, got on my running kit and got out the door.  I’ve only been running in the gym or in the cool early morning or evening temperatures.  Running in 83 degree heat is something my body hasn’t done in awhile and it certainly shows.

The run was supposed to be seven miles stuck within the very low heart rate Zones #1 and #2.  no matter how slow I ran on the first 3 miles it could barely stay in Zone #2.   By the 3.5 mile mark it was squarely in Zone 3.  That defeats the whole purpose of this exercise, so I stopped running and walking fast to get a good Zone 1/2 training in.  I really just need to make sure I cover the distance.  I’m not intending to go for particular time on the next marathon, which I believe will come with training over time.  I just want to finish without feeling like I hit the wall.

Even with not over doing it when I got home I was ravenous.  First thing I did was wolf down some soda, yes after long runs there will be a small soda.  Next I made a huge salad.  Kale, dandelion, jicama, tomatoes, carrots and salmon filled a huge salad bowl almost to the brim.  After I mixed it all up I thought to myself that perhaps I was letting my eyes get ahead of my stomach, but not even close.  I ate it all and could have had some more.  That was convenient because I’d be eating again in a couple of hours at a True Blood party.

While most of the food at the party was definitely off limits to me, the hosts were kind enough to make me plenty of sausage and hamburgers (no buns of course) to chow down on as well as having some very nice red wine to accompany with it.  Is it faux pas to drink red wine before watching a vampire show or movie?