Paleo Day 33: Made It To The Gym But Then...

So much for being on a roll.  One free day turned into two, but will not turn into three.  At least I held myself to a good clean Paleo diet all day.

I actually found more protein powder mix so can start making my shakes again.  Instead I’m just continuing on with eggs and bacon for awhile.  It’s probably more appropiate to say sauteed greens and eggs with bacon, since there are more greens than eggs.  It’s a filling meal and it adds some needed vegetables to this stereotypical Paleo Breakfast.  Lunch was another steak salad from the local Ale House restaurant.

The original plan was for me to finish work at a normal time, hit the gym and then make dinner.  I actually did make it to the gym, just a little late.  My workout was going to be a sprinting routine.  Basically you warm up for about a mile and then you do some all out running sprints followed by some walking or light running.  You then do another half mile of slow running.  I would have loved to do that outside but we were getting some pretty epic rain.  The clouds were so dense that it looked like nighttime outside.  The rain looked like something out of a movie about Noah’s flood.  Even by the time I got to the gym a couple hours later, it was only “just normal” rain.  I was pretty stoked and looked down at my wrist as I walked in with my membership card.  “Hmm, that’s interesting, I don’t see my…sonofabitch!”

Not only did I forget to put on my Garmin Watch, I forgot to wear the chest strap too.  The entire point of the exercise was to work within specific heart rate zones and push myself to a max heart rate for each sprint.  I double back to the car and doubled back again.  Maybe I could just do some weights and some other cardio?  Nah, I would want to get heart rate data for that as well.  I’m a data junkie, what can I say?  So, by the time I got home and doubled back it would have been too late of a start for dinner.  I therefore said I would try to workout after dinner, but of course I knew I wouldn’t.  And my lack of follow through proved as prophetic as you can imagine.

Dinner was a very simple bacon wrapped chicken breast seasoned with Butt Rub dry rub seasoning with half a sweet potato each.  I also snacked on some fresh cherries and frozen berries throughout the rest of the night.  Since I had made up my calorie balance from yesterday I wasn’t as famished tonight.  I did do some yoga stretches and other general stretching just to limber up my legs for the run that I promise myself I’m going to do tomorrow.