Diaspora API Dev Progress Report 10

Even though it was another short day on the road it was a productive day.  The Conversations Endpoint’s Messages method got completed shortly after I typed up the previous day’s status message this morning.  I then jumped onto the Streams API.

I originally thought only one method of the endpoint was coded, because I was determining that by looking at the RSPEC tests.  As I dug into it however the endpoint was fully coded, minus some API compliance issues, but it just needed more test coverage.  The Streams endpoint is also not especially complicated.  Unfortunately the endpoint has returns and message processing of Posts, which are the branches stuck on my development computer at home.  I was therefore able to get it feature complete but need to wait to actually check it off until after I get the Posts branch integrated and then merged into the Aspects branch.  The bigger thing to decide on the Aspects Endpoint testing is how detailed the RSPEC test harness needs to be.  It has coverage but a lot of the results are empty sets.  The formatters are the same for all of them so that shouldn’t matter.  I also have done the testing with the test harness against a real Diaspora development instance.   Also I don’t have large enough streams to actually engage paging yet, so have to test that as well but all of that needs to have the Posts branches merged in first.  So the Aspects Endpoint is feature complete but will need a little post-merge cleanup work.  It’s now onto the Users Endpoint, the last of the endpoints that has implementation from Frank’s code.  Then it’s into pure virgin endpoint coding territory.

In Summary:

  • Conversations Endpoint is now feature complete and fully tested with test harness, and ready to be merged
  • Test harness has the entire Conversation lifecycle implemented but not as an end-to-end test yet.
  • Aspects Endpoint is now feature complete with a complete test harness communicating with it, but it can’t be considered truly complete until the Posts branches are merged into it.
  • Need to decide on level of testing robustness in the RSPEC for the Aspects Endpoint beyond MVP and how to test paging.  The paging may be the thing that takes the most effort to get the Aspects Endpoint across the finish line.