Diaspora API Dev Progress Report 30

We’ve finally done it! Frank and I were able to get the last of our internal reviews done and the API code is now in the “real” code review for integration into the main Diaspora development branch. That alone is an amazing thing but I have a second piece of big news related to the API as well. Today I was able to stand up a first version of a blog “Discussion Browser” that uses the API to pull all comments and other interactions for a blog post that is associated with a specific Diaspora post. I’m going to be doing a write up of that in more detail later but as a first cut it worked pretty well and showed that the API design and the code itself is functioning pretty well.

You can visit the blog post on this article to see what this discussion system looks like but I’ve included a screenshot of it here. No, it’s not the prettiest thing. Again, I’m not a graphic artist kind of guy. I also don’t want to polish this too much right now and lose time on other things I could be working on in Diaspora. So for now, this met it’s objective of giving my blog a discussion forum-like capability and actually starting to dogfood the Diaspora API.

First Discussion Forum Picture

MVP-1 Version of Discussion System Written using Diaspora API

In Summary:

  • All reviews are done and it is ready for the real PR process to begin
  • First rendition of a blog discussion system that uses Diaspora API