FitDay to Cronometer Transfer Reality

As I’ve written before I’ve been tracking everything I’ve eaten daily for many years, specifically since the 28th of December 2010. There is a one week period in November 2011 when we went on a cruise that I missed due to not having a backup plan for journaling these things. I made sure to never make that mistake again. From the beginning I had been using the software FitDayPC to do that. However several years ago they started faltering. While it still exists it essentially isn’t supported anymore. About the time that I was going to start writing my own system I stumbled across Cronometer. After playing around it was clear this tool was exactly what I wanted and I’ve been using it ever since which was mid-2016 my review here. That’s left my data orphaned in FitDay however. I’ve slowly been getting it out of FitDay but it is a very manual process. I’ve kept track and it’s about 4-5 minutes per day. What does that mean practically? Well, I’ve gotten data back into late-March 2016 into Cronometer. That means I have 1919 days left to enter in as I go back through the record. At 4-5 minutes per day that means I’m looking at 128-160 hours of time to get the transfer done. If you convert that to “work days” of 8 hours a day that means it’d take 16-20 days to get it done, or 3-4 “man weeks” as they say. It’ll be worth it but damn that’s a lot of data entry…

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