Getting Ready for Diaspora API Going Live

It’s been awhile since I’ve done development around Diaspora regularly, or anything associated with the API. When I saw the announcement of the work being done with the API at their Hackathon back in April I was pretty stoked. It looks like it will be on track for the release which hopefully will be in the near future. I was especially excited to see that there is a possibility of someone putting it up on a live-test server to work with. To get ready for that I wanted to make sure that my two code bases, the “test harness” and the “Comment Reflector” that used it to create comments for a blog as described in this blog post , worked as soon as a server went live with the code.

The code has changed a little since I left it several months ago. The biggest change is actually with the way that paged data is handled. There were two ways that it could be done. I took one but the ultimate implementation, which is closer to the original spec, chose the other. The actual spec is the same so the interfacing with it has only changed ever so slightly. That made the polishing process straight forward. It took several hours of tweaking to absorb the changes in the paging data stuff but it was all death by a thousand cuts stuff not anything difficult. There was also some not remembering my way around either of the two code bases. As it stands right now, going into the evening of July 4th, I have it working fully against my test server so it should be ready to go when a “live” server has the patch.

All in all I’m really looking forward to seeing this finally working in production as I’m sure many other people are too!