Bloganuary Day 5: Something I Wish I Knew How to Do

Bloganuary Day 5 Topic 'What is something you wish you knew how to do?'

This one is easy probably easy for anyone who knows me or has been somewhat paying attention to this blog even. I wish I knew how to fluently speak at least one foreign language. This is of course entirely within my capabilities. This isn’t like saying “I wish I knew how to play baseball at a professional level” where my sub-par level of coordination always had me being picked last for sports teams in school. I spent four years learning Spanish in high school but never kept up with it. Over 2021 I made some limited effort, 10-15 minutes most days, of relearning it through DuoLingo. If I spent more like an hour a day I could actually probably be conversant in Spanish by now. I still have visions of what it’d be like to be a polyglot like several friends I know. They flip flop between three or four languages. It’s always an amazing sight for me to see.