Daily Jots for 15 Jul 2022

13:45: PHP is definitely back to feeling Rube-Goldberg like. Trying to XDebug installed with a modern version on Ubuntu 20 has been Kafkaesque. Standard package too old (2.9) pecl path looks installed but never shows up in the runtime (sometimes in the CLI). Punting to building an Ubuntu 22 VM to hope the standard packages ‘just work’…sigh… #development #php #programming

15:23: After spending the first half the day unsuccessfully wrestling xdebug under Ubuntu 20 to try to debug this Friendica thing and another couple hours trying to get Ubuntu 22 installed with a UI for ARM64 (only server installs exist right now) and slightly quirky differences on PHP 8 vs 7 I’m not ready to start the whole Friendica installation process for the third time this week. At least the latest release supports PHP 8 now :). #friendica #friendicadev #programming #php #ubuntu

19:02: I’ve allowed my doom scrolling/perpetual news dopamine hit habit to come back too much. Yeah I just go to individual Twitter accounts now but that isn’t that much better since it is the same 6-12 people I reflexively checked in my most frequented Twitter List. Gota double down against this now. I can already feel it dragging me into a despondent place.