T-2 Days to Paleo Week

It’s two days until I start my one week of Paleo Diet.  Yes, between vegan and Paleo I decided to try the latter.  I’d like to be able to include my partner in it somewhat, and there is absolutely no way I’d be able to get him to try more than a bite or two of any vegan food at all.  In the grand scheme it’s also going to be far more difficult to adapt my snacking and during the day eating around Paleo as well.  All my snack bars have grains in them.  I’m a huge fan of rice-based dishes for lunch, whether it be sushi, or burrito bowls or Chinese food.  I therefore consider it a bit more of a challenge than adapting to veganism.

By far the biggest adaptation day for me is going to be next Friday.  We are supposed to hang out on the town, which would include eating out in a restaurant and going to happy hours at various places.  I need to, and will, do all of those things still but I’m going to have to do it in a Paleo friendly way.  That will mean at most having one drink of something like wine, but probably not even that.  That will also mean that any place we hit up I’ll have to eat in a Paleo friendly way.  Gone will be my favorite indulgences of bread and rich, sugar laden desserts.  I’m going with a strict dairy free Paleo, which somehow still includes butter, so I won’t even be adding cheese or yogurt to my diet either.

Instead of concentrating on what I’m leaving out, it’s best to concentrate on what I’m adding in, which is lots of delicious whole foods and nutritious meats.  To keep things manageable I’m going to spend a good part of that Sunday planning my meals for the week and prepping things like snacks, breakfasts and making sure that I’m stocked up for everything I need for each of the dinners.

From the time I wake up Sunday morning until the time I wake up on Saturday morning I’ll be zealously Paleo, minus any annoying evangelism or air of superiority that some adherents are known for (and if you do run across me in such a state, please bitch slap me).  The big question is if I’m going to go uber-Paleo and skip all artificial sweeteners (aka Coke Zero) for the entire week as well.  Kind of me is excited at the prospect of going cold turkey for a week, yet if you look at my success in weening off this past week, I’m still stuck in the 5-6 cans a day range.

Stay tuned for more updates after tomorrow’s pre-Paleo week pool party at my friends house :).  Sorry, I just wasn’t going to miss all the delicious but non-Paleo food for the experiment yet :).