Paleo Week Test Day 3

Day 3 went much easier for me, perhaps I'm finally getting into the groove.  Restaurant eating is proving a bit of a dicey road but I think I want to intentionally try to eat out more to test my reflexes.

The morning started much as it did yesterday, but without the hangover feeling.  Maybe I'm balancing out the caffeine correctly or something else.  I started the day with the same eggs and spinach scramble, but to that I added three of the sweet potato pancakes and skipped the bacon.  I actually had a hard time getting all that food down.  That is a large breakfast for me, even larger than the Rip's Big Bowl cereal one from the vegan experiment phase.  I also had a large, strong cup of tea.  That was actually the only caffeine I had all day and I didn't get a withdraw headache, so I'm going to do that again tomorrow.

For my work day snacks I packed the same carrots and celery but added one of those homemade health bars as well.  I actually didn't need it until afternoon though.  Mid-morning I had a medium banana, which was more out of compulsion to buy something when I got a soda water (rather than Coke Zero) than because I absolutely needed it.  By the time lunch came around I was pretty hungry, but not ravenous.  I still wanted to make sure I had more than I did yesterday for lunch, so ended up at the Cheesecake Factory.

The Cheesecake Factory.  On National Cheesecake Day.  On a Paleo Diet.  That's not a good combination.  Fortunately I have my own super craving dish for that establishment and that is their Tuna Tataki Salad.  They put this on their "lite" menu a couple of years ago, and it was an instant favorite for me.  Seared ahi tuna?  Check.  Fresh Avocado on tomatoes with a side of mixed greens?  Check!  The big hiccup for me this time were the dressing and the dipping sauce.  I couldn't figure out if they had soy or corn syrup in them.  Being as it is a wasabi vinaigrette I'm assuming the answer is yes.  I love greens, which means I don't mind eating them dry.  However the dish obviously tasted better with a little more liquid to it.  At the end of the meal we got the pressure sell for some half priced cheesecake.  If dessert at lunch was a staple practice before I may have buckled.  I was able to avoid that, but ended up doubling back for two slices of cheesecake to bring home.  My partner ate his tonight while I was munching on my paleo dinner salad.  Mine is now in the freezer.  I think I'll be splitting that with him over the weekend as a little post-experiment celebration meal.

After a yoga session it was on to dinner.  Dinner was very ho-hum compared to previous nights.  I heated up that bolognese sauce that was left over and ate it as a chili.  To that I added a massive salad made with dandelion greens, some mixed greens, avocado, carrots and celery.  I dressed it with an assortment of seasonings, oil and vinegar.  If you don't like bitter herbs or leafy vegetables then this would have been vile.  I found it to be refreshing and crisp.  There is a reason why people in old times would head out to the woods in the early spring and forage for these things.  They are packed full of readily available nutrients and in large quantities.  Could these things be the new superfood?  Possible, but for me it's just something I enjoy the flavor of.  After eating all that food I actually went into a bit of a food coma and took a good 90 minute nap.  I woke up not too long ago and decided to wrap it up for the night.  I had a good pound of watermelon for dessert, which is no cheesecake but it is one of my favorite foods.

With all that I actually ate a lot more calories than yesterday.  That was mostly due to the oversized breakfast, which I won't be doing again.  While eggs and something may sound like great breakfast, I'm not sure I'd want to do that every single day.  I need to find some variety on that for a 3 month period of time.  It will hold me over for now however.  Today was the first day that all my micronutrients were above 100% too, and that was without eating any fortified foods or taking any supplements besides the Vitamin D pill.  That's pretty awesome.  It was also the third day I didn't have a single Coke Zero.  Double awesome!

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