T-minus One Week and Counting

The new year is almost upon us, and with that the beginning of the diet experiment.  I’ll be covering my standard monthly review of December, but needless to say I didn’t clean up my diet the way I had hoped I would before beginning the experiment.  Since the first diet phase is the elimination diet, not one of the eating styles I’m experimenting with, that’s not as important.  I still wish I could have done better than I did.  I’m looking forward to beginning this new phase, but getting exercise incorporated back into my lifestyle, since it has been completely absent since completing my first marathon at the beginning of the month.

I was happy to get tools and some topic-appropriate cookbooks for Christmas from my family.  The whole wand blender thing wasn’t going to cut it, but one of those turbo blenders should do the trick.  Likewise I’m going to have some time limits that will come up frequently, so having a legitimate and fully featured crock pot (versus the $10 one that has “on” and “off” settings that’s in the closet) is also going to come in handy.  With that are some good books for recipes for these new devices, as well as other handy books like one on gluten free cooking.  Again, I look forward to breaking these bad boys in!