T-1 Day To Elimination Diet, Strict With Touches of Indulgence

Yesterday was the last day before the grand diet experiment begins.  I made some conscious decisions in terms of practicing for the big shift, but I still granted myself some last minute indulgences while I still had the chance.

Breakfast started out as bacon again.  I was going to add some fruit to it but ended up running out of time no that one.  Unfortunately that made me go into grazing mode through the morning, which turned into a concerted effort to eat through the gingerbread cookies I made the night before with the leftover dough I was trying to get rid of.  Lunch was out at a restaurant for a charity meeting I was attending.  I decided I was going to stay strict to the diet as an experiment in how to navigate the menu.  That actually, as expected, is difficult since many of the seven forbidden items are in each of the dishes.  I was actually able to settle into a tuna steak with steamed spinach and a side of rice.  That’s not too bad, but I’m still not 100% sure that they didn’t use butter for some of that. In the actual diet plan I’ll have to be more careful.

The evening was intended to be a party so I was trying to avoid snacking in the afternoon.  Unfortunately I succumb around 5 pm to a bing on dark chocolate covered coconut pieces and some other candies.  That actually upset my stomach a bit which made enjoying the food at the party not as great an experience as it should have been.  Fortunately it didn’t impact my taste buds one iota, I just had to go with little samples of everything.  That ended up turning out to be fine in the end though.  I sipped a couple of beers and a couple of glasses of wine over a seven hour period.  I sampled all the food, including finishing up with these delicious vanilla cake cupcakes with Oreo cookies on the bottom and topped off with marshmallow cream cheese icing.

Overall it was a good way to send off into the new experiment :).