Gluten Test Week Not As Successful As Dairy...

As with the dairy test week, this is unfortunately probably tainted by the medicines and recovering from the surgery.  That probably means I should do a second round of test week later in this experiment, but from what I’ve found so far I think that I at least have some adverse reactions to the consumption of gluten.

I don’t want to make it sound more dramatic than it is.  I didn’t break out into hives.  I didn’t collapse into a ball in pain.  I didn’t have a constant body ache.  I didn’t have massive digestive system problems.  I’m talking about subtle, but I think noticeable, changes that I experienced during the week of eating like this.

Each day I would try to test gluten at least a little bit.  I had the one bridge day of eating pizza, which had both dairy and gluten.  I woke up the next day with my stomach feeling not so great.  Unlike my first pizza day, the day before my surgery, I couldn’t make the excuse that I overate or had nervous knots about anything.  This was just straight up something about the pizza wasn’t working for me that well.   That day I tested with some pieces of bread.  My stomach wasn’t bothering me from that, per se, so I thought that perhaps it was just a fluke.  The next day was a big plate of pasta to test the waters.  Again, all of this seemed to be going fine except I was noticing a little bit of digestive system irritability.

Over the week I consumed at least a serving of bread, if not two or three, per day to test the gluten.  As the week went on my weight continued to rise.  That can happen for other reasons, so I’m not sure if that it is directly driven to the gluten, but it is worth noting.  I did notice that my left knee was bothering my like it was during the early phases of the Virgin diet detox weeks.  That again may be a coincidence, but I didn’t do anything in particular that would have aggravated it.  I therefore think that is also worth noting.

As the gluten week comes to a close I would say that based on this alone it is worth exploring if I have some sensitivities to gluten.  If I do it’s not of the catastrophic variety, but just a question of my system not operating at ideal conditions.