A Bit of a 'Bender' And Now I'm Paying For It

Yesterday was supposed to be the first day of me testing soy in my diet.  Instead it turned into a bit of a binge on junk food literally containing almost everything I’m supposed to be avoiding.  Everything started off okay, with my usual (compliant) shake.  I then had sushi for lunch with soy sauce, which went fine.  The rest of the day was a devolving train wreck.

One of the recipes that I make that people enjoy above all others is my Oreo Cheesecake Ice Cream.  It’s as tasty as it sounds without being too decadent.  Maybe that’s the problem, actually.  I took an original recipe that I found too sweet and rich and modified it.  Now rather than getting to the end of half a cup and saying, “I think that’s enough of that,” a person can just eat the entire tub.  A friend of mine getting into ice cream making really wanted to try it so I offered to show him how to make it, but of course couldn’t have any.  Yeah, I did dab my finger into the mix a couple of times to taste it to make sure that I didn’t forget an ingredient or had done something wrong, but that was it.

That should have been it, but a key ingredient of Oreo Cheesecake Ice Cream is Oreo cookie.  So once I had the ice cream mixture done and in the freezer I had a bag of Oreo Cookies just staring me in the face.  “Oh what the hell, I’ll just have one,” I said to myself as I “tested” it for freshness.  Actually, I have had experiences where even a freshly opened package of cookies from that supermarket were stale so that was ten percent true.  Still, “just one” turned into two, but that was it!  When it came time to put the ice cream away in freezer containers I didn’t even lick my fingers.

As the night wore on though, I was getting hungrier and hungrier.  Not even dinner, which I allowed some flour to sneak into (as a second strike), got my appetite down at all.  While watching some evening shows (I can get into the weird juxtaposition of Walking Dead and Downton Abbey some other time) I had my usual big bowl of berries and mango.  At the end of that I was still just ravenous so I headed back to the kitchen for “just one more” Oreo.  That “one” Oreo turned into seven, for a grand total of nine for the day.  Oh, and did I mention the chocolate covered almonds and a nice big spoonful of the ice cream?

I’m not doing any of this for weight gain, loss or control.  I have that in hand, so that sort of slip up isn’t really a concern of mine.  I’ll have recovered by the end of soy week for this really bad blip to pass too.  What is shocking to me is how I feel this morning.  I woke up to my stomach rumbling, just like it did after the two pizza days.  I almost feel a bit hung over, yet I didn’t have a drop of alcohol yesterday.  My stomach was already a little bit off from Saturday night, not because I drank too much alcohol (I had two glasses of wine very early in the evening) but because I had about 60 ounces of diet soda.  While artificial sweeteners are also on the verboten list, the didn’t have seltzer and I wasn’t going to just drink water at this bar.  Too much soda, which was still less by volume than I used to drink, had my stomach feeling off yesterday.  Too much Oreo has my stomach off this morning.  I don’t think it was the dairy, since I had plenty of that in dairy week with no ill effect.  It could be the corn products in it, but I’m leaning again towards the other major constituent of the Oreo, the flour.  It could also be just that much concentrated crap is something my system just doesn’t feel like handling anymore.

Today I’m going to do a pure “Virgin Diet” day to reset everything and pick up the soy experiment tomorrow.  It’s just incredible to me that consuming these rather standard products, products that I consumed in far greater sittings before, can make my system feel so off.