T Minus 1 Day to Paleo Phase

I readily admit I’m once again treating the ramp up like a last meal.  I try not to do this, and wonder how confusing my mental state will be while I’m holding religiously to one eating protocol while preparing for the next as the experiment carries on.  Yet my already low will power is pretty much non-existent today.  I’m celebrating my birthday a little early anyway, so I know I’m going to eat ice cream, as if I didn’t eat two different ice cream treats yesterday.  I’m going to have bread products with dinner, as if I didn’t just eat half a from scratch homemade pizza for lunch.  I’m going to have cheesecake because well, cheesecake is awesome.  Even in a world where I discovered that these sorts of foods are not what works best for my system would everything come crashing down?  Would I never ever again be able to eat something like this if I so chose?  Absolute not!  Stop being melodramatic.  It’s just a few weeks of avoiding these damn things.  So I’ll stop pouting like a four year old stating, “I want!  I want!  I want” and enjoy all the foods I can still eat…after I over-indulge in these soon to be Verboten List foods.  Hey it’s symbolically my birthday after all.