Paleo Day 9: A little lunch, a lot of snacking

I knew the work day was going to be a string of meetings and goals to achieve that wouldn’t leave me much time to go out and grab any snacks.  I also knew that I would be very easily tempted by the non-Paleo stuff in the office.  I therefore packed ahead, quite heavily, to stave off any temptation.

I woke up earlier but still managed to procrastinate enough that making breakfast before lunch wasn’t going to cut it.  I also knew that I’d need to have a lot of snack food for the day.  I therefore killed two birds with one stone by packing a lot of snacks so that part of it could be my breakfast.  The two containers I packed were loaded with tomatoes, carrots, pecans, walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, dates and dried berries.  I snacked on them a bit in the morning and then reserved the rest for lunch.  Lunch was a relatively quick affair, with a quick run to Cheesecake Factory for a Tuna Tataki Salad.  I was running late when I got home but I had already set aside some corned beef, cabbage and potatoes that I had made and froze into TV dinner sizes a couple of months ago.  Despite all that eating I was still craving some more, which was convenient since I had a lot of watermelon to still eat through.

Since I went to bed late but work up early this will be an early evening for me, but I had great energy throughout the day.