Paleo Day 10: Pizza Party (for everyone else)

With another hectic day I once again ended up skipping breakfast and jumping right to lunch.  I had a hangout planned around pizza that everyone was thankfully accommodating on.  Overall it was a very calorie light day, but one that ended still Paleo pure.

I was hoping to make a shake for breakfast, but I was already running late for my very early start.  I therefore decided to skip breakfast yet again.  Before this diet protocol phase breakfast was the way I had to start the day.  I feel massive cravings otherwise.  The cravings usually hit mid-morning, but now they are a little later in the morning if they come at all.  That is about when cravings would have started before, but with snack bars, candy, pastries and other sugary things within acceptable reach that would be the way I indulged.  Now I just nibble on some of the carrots or nuts I brought for the afternoon snack, or even better just hold out until lunch comes and take that a little early.  Today I knew lunch may be a little bit later, so I started my day eating two plums mid-morning.

Lunch was sushi.  It was actually sushi and sashimi.  The parameters I set out for the protocol was that rice was supposed to be used sparingly.  I haven’t had any rice in 10 days, so a small layer of rice as part of a Rainbow Roll seems acceptable to me.  Eighty percent of the roll is various kinds of raw fish, cucumber and avocado.  There was maybe a quarter cup of cooked rice in the whole thing, probably not even that much.  The bigger stickler was I forgot my coconut aminos.  I therefore was stuck having to have the sushi dry.  It tasted perfectly delicious but I still missed my wasabi soup concoction I like to dip the sushi in to get that kick and endorphin rush.

We had to get on the road for the family gathering mid-afternoon.   By that point I wasn’t hungry but I knew I needed something to steel my resolve.  For the trip I made one liter of seltzer and packaged up a pound of tomatoes, half a pound of carrots and some handfuls of cashews and almonds.  That filled me up pretty well with just enough time for the family gathering to begin.

The gathering itself was a very informal affair, almost a pot luck type of thing.  We were visiting with my dad so got a bunch of everyone’s favorites.  The first things that were broken out were the Philly soft pretzel nuggets.  I am a pretzel junkie.  Along with my bread making hobby I love making sourdough soft pretzels too.  I took some whiffs of them, and even dipped my finger in the spicy mustard that we like to eat them with.  But I didn’t have any pretzels.  Next up was the salad and chicken wings.  My sister originally came up with this idea just so I would have something to eat but then it sounded like a good enough idea that she got enough for everyone.  I had several wings a couple heaping piles of salad and that was about it.  The salad was dressed very liberally so was heavily coated in olive oil.  To me that just makes it more delicious.  The salad was mostly romaine, with some tomatoes, olives, celery and chick peas (which I ate around).

By the time we got home I was craving a little more of something.  The above really wasn’t that much food.  Despite knowing I wake up with some indigestion if I do this so late, I ate two pounds of watermelon anyway.  As a kid I could eat a huge meal right before bed without a problem.  Since my late-20s I know I shouldn’t do that.  It was so tasty I could have eaten the last pound, but I figured I’d save it for tomorrow.