I had hoped that putting my struggles with getting back on track would reinvigorate my determination towards completing this phase, and thus being able to move forward with the experiment in general.  Unfortunately it has not.  Instead I’ve gotten so frustrated with the process that even the daily logging of food, moods and other markers seemed to become a chore.  Keep in mind that this is something I have done daily, religiously for 3.5 years and at no point in time did it ever seem like a chore until now.  Until I build up some more reserves or get my groove with that again I’m going to punt back to a more free form way of eating.  I’m still going to try to emphasize whole foods over processed foods.  I’m just not going to be so mindful of what I am eating in any given moment in terms of whether it fits some preexisting eating style label.  I’m afraid if I try to power through with it then not only will I fail to actually achieve those objectives but that I will also break the 3.5 year span of data that I have successfully collected and want to continue to collect for the foreseeable future.