Starting up again

I’ve had a lot of ebb and flow with my fitness routine over the past couple of months.  I’ve gone periods of eating like shit to periods of eating huge quantities of vegetables and no treats.  I’ve gone from doing no exercising at all to being really focused on my exercises.  While my plans for a grand diet experiment fizzled, and I still don’t feel the urge to attempt something like that again.  I do have an urge to get back into a better fitness regiment and to begin my QS practices again.

Through it all (from 7/28 until today) I consistently logged all my food, even during the couple of weeks that I was really feeling zero motivation to do even that.  I therefore am now pushing four years of nutritional data.  My weight has gone from 188 to 191 and back again.  My diet has been pretty diverse, with 75% of my calories coming from foods that make up less than 2% of my calorie consumption.  However there are some staples that I ate regularly that pop up above the 2% threshold, and for the most part they aren’t the best.  I don’t mind the fact that eggs, sushi and Chipotle Buritto Bowls are in that list. I also don’t mind the fact that wine and beer show up on the list, I just wish they weren’t as prominent. Brownies and pizza on the other hand are a bit of a disappointment.  It’s not that I mind having eaten them, I just can’t believe that over the last couple of months they have accounted for over 5% of my total calories.  Despite the lack of eating nutritionally dense food and not taking any vitamins I did get by without any nutrient deficiencies except Calcium coming in a little under RDA.

So now it’s off to do some less ambitious experimentation with the relatively modest goal of getting my daily exercise routine re-estabilmed and to get my consumption of nutrient dense foods built back up.  As a consequence this journal is really more for me than for anyone else, not that it ever was all about being outwardly focused writing in the first place.  If others find my journey interesting then that’s great.  If the only person that reads this is myself, that’s fine too.  I just like having some accountability that comes with publishing this into the open versus a purely self-read private journal.