Blowing Up (Waistline)

I didn’t need my monthly measurements to tell me that the last month things were still going off the rails.  Yeah, I sort of cleaned up my eating on most days, except for the indulgences in desserts and cookies every night.  Yeah, I did start working out a bit, but that still equated to only a half dozen work out days over the whole month.  I don’t want to know incremental steps of progress but I do have to recognize that my lack of ability or eagerness to get back on the fitness rails is causing things to go completely out of whack.

This isn’t the first year I blew up, weight wise, at the holidays. In fact that happens every year.  That’s what happens when you eat 5000-6000 calories a day for a few days in a month (yes I actually do this).  The difference this year, unlike previous years, is that I didn’t have a solid plan in place before or afterward.  I also wasn’t in a good position from a healthy weight perspective.  I’m therefore now tipping just above the healthy percent body fat range into the overweight territory.  I am now near peak body measurements across the board.  My body fat may now be in the low-20s, rather than the mid-teens where I like it, but over the last month my abdomen exploded the most.  My mid-waist measurement went up a full inch, while I picked up another half inch at my navel-line and another quarter inch on my hips.

I was already in a Rambo mode on getting my fitness stuff squared away.  This is just another wake up call that I need to redouble my resolve to see it through.  Let’s try to get the inertia working for rather than against me for the first time in over a year!