Bread Experiments On the Horizon

This blog is/has been mostly about fitness and diet related experiments, thoughts, et cetera.  However as I’m getting back more to my favorite hobby of bread making I’m planning on honing my technique and really start nailing down a more diverse range of recipes.  Yes, I’ve had some good success with my basic Tartine Country bread and variations of loaf shapes related to that:

Yes, I’ve had good success with related bread products like English Muffins, sourdough pancakes, and pizza/flatbread:

But I not only want to nail these down even more, I want to get into a larger variety of whole grain breads and other products.  I’m going to start approaching those with the same fun but systemic approach I’ve used for other experiments.  It should be tasty.  I’ll just need volunteers to help eat all the proceeds of these experiments.