Using my own blog as a research tool is cool!

I’m not a professional blogger.  I’m just a guy that had been doing quantitative self (QS) type stuff, has an interest in overall health and longevity (albeit not with as much discipline in the follow through as I would like), and decided to write this in a blog format rather than just use a personal journal.  My thought that maybe someone could find this information was a bonus.  It turns out that I’m the one who is finding this information useful several times recently.

How many times do we recall hearing, reading, or seeing something and run to Google to search for it?  How many times does it take us some time to find the link if we find it at all?  In the past few weeks as I’ve been ramping up my fitness again I’ve been needing to dive back into recipes, recall some things I had vaguely rattling around my head, etc.  In several of those instances, ironically most of the times when I’m out in public somewhere, I came to the realization that I thought I had blogged about it.  Since this is WordPress my blog has a search bar.  In each case I decided to search my own blog for things and came up with exactly what I was looking for.  I did have some misses, specifically where I had sworn I wrote up my take on a recipe I was experimenting with, but overall I was able to get what I was looking for right here.  It’s a small simple thing, but it’s definitely something that charged me up.  Could I have done that by putting my journal in Google Drive, or something like that?  Probably, but it’s not the same thing.