Diaspora API Dev Progress Report 22

Paging paging and more paging.  I haven’t been committing as much time to development the last few days as I’d like.  Some of that is frustration with the development process on the paging, which has been a lot of trial and error.  Some of it is just how my schedule is working out too.  There is progress there though.  I have what I’d consider to be the rounded out API Paging infrastructure in place.  It has migrated a bit since the last update since as I tried to use it I wasn’t happy with it.  I’m still not happy with it but it is suitable.   There will probably be some additional tweaking before final integration but what it allows is for us to have paging.  I ended up wringing out design problems by wiring it into the Aspects Contacts endpoint method (to test index-based paging) and the User’s Posts endpoint (to test time-based paging).  With all of that working and unit tests I’m now moving on to adding it to the rest of the endpoints. There has also been some additional discussions on the permissions scopes for the endpoint as well, and I think we’ve converged on a good final set.

In Summary:

  • Paging API infrastructure modified to current MVP (I think) status
  • Paging API now used in the Aspects Contacts and the Users Posts method
  • Rounding out finishing the endpoints and updating the test harness

You can follow the status dashboard at this Google Sheet as well.