Diaspora API Dev Progress Report 23

After a day of coding the paging is now in every endpoint that should have it.  That means that we have paging right now for:

  • Contacts
  • Photos
  • Posts
  • Comments
  • Notifications
  • Conversations (but not messages in conversations)
  • Search
  • Streams

Because of the size of the code changes I would imagine there will at least be some tweaking and I could imagine there being some larger refactoring afterward too but it’s in a solid, working, and as performant space as the existing standard endpoints so I’m happy with it.

Now it’s on to the rest of the checklist.  With the scopes being rounded out I’m going to hold off on the security review for a little while longer.  The first low hanging fruit I’m working on is adding to the API Spec the ability to vote on polls.  It was an oversight in the original design but it should be easy to do.  I just need to decide which endpoint to add it to.  After that I’m going to double back to the mundane documentation update task.  At that point I think it’ll be time to go through and get up to my elbows into the OpenID code and get ready to make changes for the new scopes.

In Summary:

  • Paging is now complete and ready for review
  • Starting work on voting on polls through the API

You can follow the status dashboard at this Google Sheet as well.