Diaspora API Dev Progress Report 24

Yesterday I said the paging API was complete but needed to be reviewed.  The more I talked over some elements with people and in exchanges on Diaspora I realized there were a couple of tweaks I needed to do.  The first suggestion I implemented was to have paging on any endpoint that returns multiple elements.  The second thing was to have a parameter for specifying the number of elements requested.  I was pleased that supporting that feature was really just two lines of code to change.  However while in there I decided to beef up some other defense programming techniques in some other places.

After that was done I moved on to implementing the ability to vote on polls.  There was no home for it but since it is interacting with a post I put it on the Posts Interactions endpoint rather than create a dedicated endpoint with just one method.  It aliases to a path in the same way as the rest of the interactions as well so I think it’s consistent.  That also required a little moving things around from the existing endpoint into a service and then having both calling that.  Since there were no tests around that capability I ended up writing those as well.  With that done it’s time to move on to the documentation and then start hitting up the OpenID review.

In Summary:

  • Incorporated suggestions in the paging in the API
  • Completed the Poll Voting method
  • Moving on to documentation updates

You can follow the status dashboard at this Google Sheet as well.