Goal Week 2 Redux

The second week of my diet challenge is now behind me.  I’ve really settled into a good tempo on the diet, even managing eating out rather well.  While I’ve made some improvements on the other goals I still have a way to go.

Goal1: Eat a strict nutritarian diet (B+)

I’ve found eating the nutritarian vegan way to not be as hard as I thought it would be.  It makes snacking without preparing a problem, and it requires me to plan my meals for the day before.  However I’m not finding myself hungry despite being in a relatively high state of calorie restriction.  If anything I’m finding it hard to eat enough.  Once the transition week is over I’d be cycling in more oils, grains, et cetera so I should reach a caloric equilibrium relatively quickly.

While I did do better for the most part I’m still not going to give myself an “A” due to my restaurant eating.  I have had to eat out several meals this week, including a social gathering.  While I suppose I could just eat undressed salad greens or the like, I decided to opt for a more reasonable and sustainable approach.  I’ve accepted eating vegetables that have been sauteed in oil, technically a no-no.  They also have additional salt added to them, however I’m not going to ding myself on that because the additional salt is what has been keeping me from getting headaches and other symptoms that I do believe even more now are associated with too little sodium consumption.

Goal 2: Sleep at least 7 hours (A)

Once again I nailed the sleep.  There’s not much to say about that, except that for this week it may be harder

Goal 3: Walk (and/or Run) for a total of at least 10,000 steps (B-)

I didn’t cross the 10,000 every day, but the only day that I really was way off was the one where I felt ill.  I’m going to try to push past 10,000 steps each day this week for sure though by trying to get more walking in throughout the day.

Goal 4: Do at least 5 minutes of calisthenics (C-)

Last week I failed on this.  This week I actually got to the calisthenics several days, but definitely not all seven.  I’m hoping I can rationalize this lack of calisthenics this week.  At the same time I’m going to try to bring in swimming and other exercises this week.  If I pull that off then I’m going to consider this goal achieved for that day.

Goal 5: Do at least 15 minutes of yoga (B)

The yoga has been much more consistent, and I’ve noticed some very positive benefits of that in how tight I am and how I feel when I’ve gone running. I hope to extend that to A status this week for sure.

Summary (Overall grade B-):

Grading across all of those goals comes up to just shy of a solid B.  That’s a full letter grade up from my goal last week.  I feel better, am full of energy, and I’m dropping excessive fat very quickly.  Let’s hope that trend continues on all accounts.